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WWE Extreme Rules 2019 results: Braun Strowman wins a war

A possibly ruptured spleen didn’t stop Braun Strowman, who shook off dire sounding injury reports to march into Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center and attack Bobby Lashley on Sun,. July 14 at Extreme Rules - before their Last Man Standing match even officially started.

It looked like the match might end quickly, but Lashley rolled out of the ring to regroup. When Braun followed, the Almighty caught him with a spear to take control. It also brought the specter of Strowman’s injuries from his stretcher job on Raw a couple weeks back when these two men faced off in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

The action spilled into the stands, and Bobby proceeded to attack (with a particular focus on the Monster Among Men’s mid-section) all the way up to the concourse. It was there that Strowman finally turned the tide, hurling Lashley into a merchandise display.

Still struggling to catch his breath, Braun drug Lashley back into the arena. He cleared an area among the floor seats to allow him to get a big running start on a shoulder tackle that kept Bobby down for a 6 count. When Strowman picked the Almighty up for a follow-up, Lashley countered and ran the Monster through the barricade. That kept both men down for a count of 8.

For a follow-up, Lashley blasted Braun over the announce desk... AND threw it on top of him, but Strowman crawled out from under it before the referee made it to a ten count. Next they went back into the stands, and the Monster threw Bobby over the international announce tables.

That did end it, and the fight went on. At one point, Lashley continued to get back to his knees and dared Strowman to put him down again. Braun was only too happy to oblige. They battled back up into the stands, and a few fans (hopefully plants) got in the way. Eventually, it was a powerslam off a raised platform that kept Lashley down.

For good measure, before the official’s ten count, Strowman burst through a “wall” to reveal he was still standing.

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