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A very special episode of Mixed Match Challenge

Winners Take All Mixed Tag Team Extreme Rules match for the Universal & Raw Women’s championships

Lacey Evans & Baron Corbin vs. Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins (c)

To borrow the title of jukebox romantic musical comedy film based on the music of a 70s Swedish supergroup... Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again.

The Road to Extreme Rules

Taken individually, the match-ups are not new.

Rollins and Corbin have been beefing since before The Shield wrote their final chapter. In fact, the Lone Wolf was part of the trio who did the job for the Hounds of Justice at The Shield’s Final Chapter. Then he lost to the Architect in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and finagled it so he could pick the referee for the rematch at last month’s Stomping Grounds pay-per-view (PPV). But more on that in a minute...

Evans was introduced as Lynch’s main rival on Raw immediately after WrestleMania 35. Though they skipped Super ShowDown for the obvious reason, at both Money in the Bank and Stomping Grounds, The Man made The Lady tap out.

If that doesn’t sound like the set-up for a mixed tag match with both Seth’s Universal title and Becky’s Raw Women’s belt, well, let’s go back to the main event of June’s PPV. It was there that Corbin introduced Lacey as his guest referee:

Since Seth had been attacking any and all potential officials, the idea was here was one he wouldn’t take out. But his girlfriend (did we mention Rollins & Lynch are an item? don’t worry, WWE will remind you many, many times tonight) could, and she did. The Man took out The Lady twice at Stomping Grounds, her man kept his title and... we still weren’t done.

The next night on Raw, Corbin & Evans basically annoyed their way into the match we’re getting tonight. Even though the champs have nothing to prove, they got the heels to agree that in exchange for a Winner Takes All mixed tag at Extreme Rules, Baron & Lacey would leave them alone if the outcome was the same as its been every time they’ve faced off in singles competition.

Lynch & Rollins then won some tune-up matches, and the challengers jumped them after they beat Andrade & Zelina Vega on the ‘go home’ edition of Raw. And here we are.

What’s at stake?

The titles, clearly. And maybe our collective sanity, if we try to figure how an extreme rules stipulation works in a mixed tag match... can the guys hit the women without consequences then? Or is it just no disqualification for intragender action, but intergender stuff still triggers a DQ? Do the belts change hands on a DQ in no DQ match?

Anyway... probably the biggest question is how WWE transitions out of booking Rollins & Lynch as a couple, and if there time together helped, hindered, or had no effect on their popularity. The past two weeks of television seems to indicate the company knows fans aren’t anxious to see more of Lacey or Baron at this point, and they’ll probably drift back to the mid-card after this until Vince McMahon sees another opportunity to push a couple Superstars he clearly believes can be big draws.

While I’ve been critical of the power couple angle from the jump, I really doubt it hurts Becky or Seth much in the long-term. They’ll be as over as their next programs. If WWE can pair them with someone who feels like more of a threat than Corbin and Evans - it shouldn’t be hard - we’ll probably be just as interested in cheering them as we were three or four months ago.

There’s also a chance they’ll have the belts change hands in Philadelphia tonight. But I somehow doubt Paul Heyman wants to start his reign with a pair of champions fans hate for the wrong reasons.

Join us in a few hours and we’ll all find out together. One way or the other, this should all be over soon.


Who wins?

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    Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans
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  • 88%
    Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch
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