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Ricochet’s dream match against AJ Styles has become a nightmare

AJ Styles vs. Ricochet (c)

United States championship match

Things snowballed quite quickly for Ricochet.

It all started when he and AJ Styles had a friendly non-title main event a few weeks back on Raw. It was the young United States champion facing the veteran Styles, a man who’s obviously had some influence on Ricochet’s style. It was surely a dream match for the young upstart.

AJ Styles was able to defeat the United States champion and there was a show of respect in the middle of the ring afterwards.

That’s when things started heading in a direction Ricochet may not have been prepared for.

The Good Brothers (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) had been meandering in WWE for awhile. When they’d get a match, and that wasn’t often, they’d lose. Eventually, their old pal AJ started calling them out for not taking things seriously in WWE. His admonishment didn’t help much in the beginning as Gallows and Anderson still picked up losses, but it certainly stuck with them.

So when they saw their old friend AJ Styles acting so graciously after defeating the United States champion, they took it upon themselves to turn the tables and ask where the old AJ was. Where was the man they rolled with in Japan who would put a young upstart in his place?

This got under the skin of the Phenomenal One and after a little “he said/he said,” a booked rematch (this time for the title), contained some animosity. The Good Brothers claimed Ric was talking some trash, which wasn’t true. When AJ confronted the champ about it, Ricochet denied it. But that didn’t appease Styles, who had had a fire lit under him. He slapped his opponent in fact. The One and Only responded in kind.

Now their rematch had some heat behind it. While it looked like AJ may have won the strap at one point, the champ had his foot on the rope and another referee came out to overrule the decision. With the match restarted, Ricochet rolled up Styles for the win.

The Good Brothers walked to the ring and at first, we weren’t sure where AJ stood. But it was soon revealed as he attacked Ricochet with Gallows & Anderson quickly joining him.

The Club was reformed.

Now the One and Only has to defend his title against a villainous AJ Styles with the full backing of the Club. And while Ricochet was able to pick up consecutive wins against both Gallows and Anderson last week, tomorrow’s match is a more difficult task.

The Good Brothers mainly function as a tag team, so beating them in a one on one match up isn’t the biggest feat. But AJ is one of the best in the world. He’s motivated. He’s angry. And he has back up.

One has to wonder if Ricochet is regretting that dream match about now.

You can find out if Ricochet is able to fend off AJ Styles, who has the full backing of the Club, at Extreme Rules tomorrow. Extreme Rules starts at 7 pm on the WWE Network. And keep it here to for all your Extreme Rules coverage.


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