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What are Braun Strowman & Bobby Lashley prepared to do?

Last Man Standing match

Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman

The match takes place in Philadelphia, but Lashley’s already vowed to do things the Chicago way. How will Braun respond?

The Road to Extreme Rules

This rivalry goes back far enough that it’s hard to tell what the issue is beyond Bobby’s a heel and Strowman’s a face. It started back before WrestleMania 35, back when Lashley had Lio Rush as his hype man & was part of Baron Corbin’s evil league of evil, and before the Monster Among Men took a detour to feud with SNL’s head writers.

Braun’s mostly gotten the better of things, whether those things are matches:

or not...

When they were booked into a Falls Count Anywhere match on the July 1 episode of Raw, however, well - Bobby didn’t win, exactly. But he wasn’t the one WWE was saying might have a ruptured spleen.

It was after those fireworks that Lashley channeled Jimmy Malone from The Untouchables, and vowed to send Strowman to the morgue.

We haven’t seen Braun since (in addition to possible spleen issues, his pelvis was also kayfabe messed up), but the Almighty dismantled Rey Mysterio on the ‘go home’ episode of the red brand. Lashley looks more dangerous than he has at any other point in his second WWE run.

What’s at stake?

Given the Last Man Standing stipulation, more than usual for a non-title bout. It seems unlikely WWE would book someone to win this by outsmarting their opponent. You don’t book the LED smashing scene if some is going to handcuff their opponent to a guardrail. And while you can bet someone is getting a bunch of stuff piled on them at some point, the kind of war they’ve told us to expect from these two men should involve a good deal of brutality before and after the literal burial.

Which means a loss won’t be seen as a figurative burial for either man. But whoever is put down for a ten count will probably miss a few weeks of television to sell the effects of this match. There’s rumors Braun may need some more downtime to let various nagging aches and pains heal up, so a loss may be a win for him in that way.

But no matter. The winner will likely transition right into another television program, while the other... doesn’t.

Unless they both decide they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to put the other man away. We’re not quite at Eliot Ness vs. Al Capone levels yet, but there’s a lot of history and animosity here. If you like violence, this should be good.


Who will win?

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    Braun Strowman
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    Bobby Lashley
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