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Bros B4 Elbows, Ep. 99.5: The Man’s Man is Too Cringe Episode

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Thanks to a push from the powers that be, the pro wrestling podcast Bros B4 Elbows is right here at

About Seth Rollins’ street cred.

So close to episode 100.0 yet so far. The Bros are back and operating with a 75% charge. With one host out, episode 99.5 of the show features The Bros B4 Elbow squad recapping the week in pro wrestling and previewing a weekend triple header.

Why WWE is ruining Seth Rollins’ persona, how to mishandle a power couple, yearning for the days of Brock Lesnar as champion, WWE vs. AEW, picks for Extreme Rules, and more topics get their long awaited push.

It’s the middle of summer. Take an one hour road trip into the world of pro wrestling with The Bros B4 Elbows show.

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