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WWE reportedly changed plans because Alexa Bliss is sick

If you were a fan wondering why a babyface would request a handicap match, you were not the only one.

On Monday Night Raw, Nikki Cross beat SmackDown women’s champion Bayley’s time in a Beat the Clock challenge. Wrestling for her friend Alexa Bliss, Cross got to choose the stipulation for the Goddess versus the Hugger’s title match at Extreme Rules.

Cross added herself to the contest, while Bliss was nowhere to be seen this week on WWE television.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained why Cross was added to the match between Bliss and Bayley this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

“Alexa Bliss has a really bad sinus infection. Originally they were not going to do the handicap match. The handicap match was a late change. And everything that happened on TV this Monday and Tuesday with Alexa Bliss was because of her sinus infection. And they rewrote that whole storyline. They may have done a Alexa Bliss-Bayley beat the clock challenge, but the reason that made no sense was because of Alexa Bliss’s condition they were going to do a handicap match to protect Alexa.”

Over the weekend Bliss took to Twitter to openly vent about not feeling all that well.

Cross’s character has quietly been the star of this entire Bliss versus Bayley feud. So maybe an infection attacking the respiratory system of Alexa Bliss is a blessing in disguise storyline wise.

Does Nikki Cross being added to Sunday’s title match help or hurt your interest in it?

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