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Becky Lynch is back to trash talking Ronda Rousey

For a few weeks after WrestleMania 35, Becky Lynch continued to talk about Ronda Rousey as if they might have another match in the not too distant future. But time passed, and all Rousey talked about was making babies and her broken hand, and The Man seemed to move on.

But in a new interview with Kristine Leahy of FS1’s Fair Game (embedded above), Lynch is once again taking aim at her old “pal” Ronnie. In fact, Leahy asked about Becky calling Rousey that. A good portion of their chat - which is mostly non-kayfabe - covers the banter the current Raw Women’s champ brings to her feuds, and how opponents often think Lynch goes “a little bit far” with her insults.

Well, she’s back to going far when it comes to Rowdy:

“No, I haven’t talked to Ronnie since [WrestleMania 35]. I thought she might be on the - cause we were nominated for ‘Best Fight’ for the MTV TV & Movie Awards, so I thought I might see her there, but I didn’t see her. She’s been hiding from me. She’s been hiding from me since [‘Mania]. She’s been hiding... That’s what Ronnie does - she hides when she loses. We’ll she if she comes back. I still want a one-on-one with her. I still want that one-on-one match with her… That’s what Ronnie does... I knew it. I said the way to beat Ronda, it’s not to beat her body cause she’s tough as all get out, but it’s to beat her mind. That was what I went after, constantly went after her mind. Constantly mind games, mind games, mind games.”

And so the “mind games” resume - a week after Rousey posted a video focused on how much she misses pro wrestling. Hmmm...

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