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WWE announces a timely new reality show

Off the success of their own “Women’s Evolution” - which gave us a pay-per-view (PPV) of nothing but women’s wrestling, the first ever WrestleMania main evented by women, and made Becky Lynch the first WWE Superstar to grace the cover of ESPN The Magazine - and with the US Women’s National Team making headlines as much for challenging the notion there’s one right way for women to be great & celebrate their accomplishments as they are for their World Cup win, it was announced today (July 10) WWE Studios will be producing a new reality series called Fight Like A Girl.

The series, which will made with Critical Content for the mobile platform Quibi, will feature female Superstars paired “with a young woman struggling with a personal issue that has been holding her back. The WWE Superstars draw from their own life experiences, to help their trainees overcome obstacles and become tougher, stronger and healthier versions of their former selves inside and out.”

Stephanie McMahon and new WWE Studios head Susan Levinson are among those with a producer credit on the show, which will film at the Performance Center in Orlando. No word on which wrestlers will take part in the series, each episode of which will contain “a stunning transformation and heart-pounding reveal as the women change their lives forever.”

But we’d guess a certain Lasskicker will be among them.

Sound like something worth checking out to you?

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