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WWE’s getting in on the ‘Spot the Firefly Fun House puppets’ fun

And maybe making it less fun in the process.

As we’ve come to expect over the last several weeks, one of Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House co-stars popped up in the background of a scene on SmackDown last night (July 9). This time it was Ramblin’ Rabbit appearing behind Bayley as she headed to her contract signing with Nikki Cross.

What was different about this sighting was that WWE made sure to point it out to us on social media:

Bayley gave it the old retweet too, with some confident sounding trash talk to boot:

This is to be expected. Fans, especially ones who engage with the product online, have made spotting the puppet characters who inhabit Wyatt’s fever dream of a kid’s show-within-a-show a thing. It was only a matter of time until WWE decided to get in on the #engagement. It takes a little bit of the fun out of the “game”, but it’s not “Jerry Lawler telling us Fandango-ing is cool” bad or anything.

It does open the door to Bayley and other Superstars to acknowledge the puppets, and eventually possibly even interact with them. Which doesn’t line up with some fantasy booking where Abby, Mercy, and the whole gang are elements of Bray’s subconscious. But there are still plenty of interesting possibilities. And having wrestlers talk to the characters could be a way to set up actual wrestling feuds for Wyatt and/or the Fiend... which will have to happen at some point.

Stay tuned.

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