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Proof someone at WWE has AEW on their mind

The company line is that WWE is strictly focused on their own product, and aren’t too concerned with what other wrestling companies are doing - even ones that will be airing a live weekly show on TNT this fall.

It’s pretty clear that’s not entirely true. After NXT Tag champs The Street Profits debuted on Raw, we got proof that - at the very least - someone on the social media team is thinking about All Elite Wrestling. It was quickly corrected, but check out the caption on the original Instagram welcoming Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins to Monday nights from WWE’s official account:

Typo? Mental hiccup? An AEW Executive Vice-President has another theory:

You’d have to type “AEW” a lot for your device to automatically change “are” to... oh, we see what you’re saying, Mr. Jackson.

Hey, this competition thing is already fun!

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