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Undertaker arrives on Raw to explain why he helped Roman Reigns, kind of

See the thing about Undertaker logic is there is no logic.

This week on Raw, The Undertaker made another surprise appearance to mess with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. The heels got off a brief promo before the lights went out and the Raw live crowd went nuts.

Taker made the slow walk to the ring, grabbed a mic, and attempted to explain his actions from last week. Why did the Dead Man save Roman Reigns? Undertaker launched into a long promo that said a lot but really didn’t say anything at all.

Maybe the goalposts are moved whenever Taker appears, but this promo felt overly wordy and was packed full of awkward pauses that led to nowhere. Collecting souls is great and all, but we really wanted a little more of an explanation from Undertaker here.

After tonight’s (Jul. 1) promo, are you more or less excited for the Dead Man coming back to the ring one more time at Extreme Rules?

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