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What’s with WWE saying Becky Lynch is Seth Rollins’ ‘kryptonite’?

This backstage scene from Raw last week ended up being overanalyzed for signs of Baron Corbin’s sex appeal, thanks to a bit of Dave Meltzer speculation.

What WWE has latched on to from it is the line where Lacey Evans extended Corbin’s Superman analogy for Seth Rollins to call Becky Lynch the Universal champion’s kryptonite.

Why is their website harping on this line? We’ve seen no evidence that Rollins is in any way more vulnerable when the Raw Women’s champ is nearby. What’s the basis for the villainous pair thinking Lynch is in any way a weakness for her boyfriend?

Potentially more concerning, how will Corbin & Evans seek to prove The Man is the key to beating their opponents? Seems like could lead to pulpy “damsel in distress” plot twists, but I don’t think WWE is dumb enough to use the wrestler who main evented WrestleMania 35 that way. Other than that, maybe they’ll try some mind games to drive a wedge between the power couple? Not sure I trust WWE to pull that off, or that the two weeks from now until Extreme Rules is enough time for anyone to tell that story well.

In fairness, they have to try something. We’ve watched Lynch & Rollins beat Corbin & Evans separately numerous times. They have their work cut out for them in order to add any suspense to the mixed tag “Winner Takes All” bout they’ve booked for Sun., July 14 in Philadelphia.

The most likely and appealing way this plays out involved the heels thinking they’ve outsmarted the champs by thinking they’ve placed Becky in jeopardy. Then The Man proves she’s not a pawn in anyone else’s story by slapping some heads off. But that doesn’t help make the Lone Wolf and the Lady seem like realistic threats.

We’ll see what they come up with. I was never a fan of them putting The Man & The Beastslayer together in kayfabe, so this may be working better for folks who like that aspect of WWE’s current booking. If you’re like me, though, it’s not Becky who’s Seth’s kryptonite.

It’s this whole angle that’s Raw’s.

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