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Matt Riddle explains Super ShowDown tweets: ‘I get mad at certain people because they’re unsafe’

An old beef between NXT’s Matt Riddle and WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg resurfaced this week with the WCW icon headlining Super ShowDown against Undertaker. The main event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Fri., June 7 turned into the sloppy and dangerous affair many were afraid it would be when the match between the two 50-somethings was announced, and Riddle seemed very happy to point that out online.

His social media posts (one of which called Goldberg “absolutely the worst wrestler in the business” before Riddle deleted it) got a lot of attention, which is probably why this morning, the King of Bros tweeted and Instagrammed this:

That’s not going to appease Goldberg or his fans, but I don’t think Riddle cares. More than genuine remorse, this explanation seems aimed at (or asked for by) his bosses at The ‘E - including making sure everyone knows he doesn’t have any issues with WWE legend and lifer Undertaker.

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