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Goldberg says he knocked himself out during Undertaker match at Super ShowDown

The Goldberg vs. Undertaker match at today’s (Fri., June 7, 2019) WWE Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia fell off a cliff about halfway through it, as the two hugely struggled to work through their spots on the way to a clumsy finish. They looked like a downright danger to themselves and each other.

It turns out, they were.

That’s because Goldberg, as he tells it, knocked himself out during the match and just powered through it:

It’s unclear when and exactly how this happened, though it certainly looks like the turnbuckle spot was bad and the Tombstone spiked Goldberg’s head. This would all certainly help explain why the match went the way it did.

It’s also not going to quiet any talk that WWE shouldn’t be booking two men with a combined age of 106 to main event a show in over 100-degree heat halfway across the world.

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