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WWE Super ShowDown recap & reactions: Hot trash

I remain of the belief that WWE should not be doing these shows in Saudi Arabia while understanding the reality that, yeah, most human beings are for sale and it makes complete sense that a company like WWE would take those fat paychecks to put these shows on.

As a consumer, though, said shows are absolute trash.

This one, in particular, was hot, hot trash.

Nothing of consequence happened at this show. There were no title changes, and the matches ranged from average to bad to downright painful to watch. A few of the issues:

- Goldberg vs. Undertaker was perfectly fine off the rip and then fell apart in a hurry. It was ultimately an embarrassing display that made clear neither man should still be wrestling in 2019, let alone headlining an event, even one of this nature. Both looked like an actual danger to each other at the end.

- They advertised yet another Money in the Bank cash-in from Brock Lesnar, then failed to deliver on it with the story being that Paul Heyman literally tripped on his way into the ring.

- Baron Corbin challenged for a title.

- The Triple H-Randy Orton match was about 15 minutes too long.

- This Roman Reigns-Shane McMahon story absolutely sucks, and they doubled down on it here.

- A battle royal where they treated actual champions and future challengers like trash to be thrown out. Fitting enough, I suppose.

Andrade and Finn Balor did what they could with what they had, and the Kofi Kingston-Dolph Ziggler match would have been better on any other show, but even those matches were decent at best. Everything about this show felt phoned in, and watching it was a monumental waste of a beautiful Friday afternoon.

It’s always felt bad watching these shows, but if this is what we can expect from them, they’ve made clear there’s no reason to ever watch one again.

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