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WWE Super ShowDown results: Undertaker beats Goldberg after very bad match

WWE’s latest trip to Saudi Arabia for the Super ShowDown event in Jeddah was headlined by one of the few matches left we had yet to see: Undertaker vs. Goldberg.

Not that anyone was asking for it.

And now that it’s done, we wish we were still waiting to see it.

The entrances were long, as expected. It seemed the match might be short too, considering Goldberg hit a spear right away and then followed that up with yet another spear. He only got a two count out of that, however, and they settled in shortly thereafter.

In something of a surprise, Goldberg got some color when he was driven into the corner, cutting his head open. He was bleeding enough for it to be plainly visible. Undertaker followed this up with Old School, a choke slam, and then the Tombstone.

But only got two.

Goldberg took a lot of offense from there before a spear out of nowhere to regain control. He tried to follow up with a Jackhammer but ended up spiking The Phenom on his head. Then they tried a Tombstone flip spot and they both went down, so Undertaker just stood up, hit a chokeslam, and pinned Goldberg to win the match.

It was fine at the start but turned into an ugly, awful match by the end of it.

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