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WWE Super ShowDown results: Drew McIntyre helps Shane McMahon beat Roman Reigns

Like his Shield brother, Roman Reigns came into his match at Fri., June 7’s Super ShowDown banged up, at least in kayfabe. His opponent, Shane McMahon, and his lackeys, Drew McIntyre and The Revival, inflicted plenty of punishment on the Big Dog on both Monday’s Raw and Tuesday’s SmackDown (WILD CARD).

McIntyre accompanied his “friend” to the ring, and even had a staredown with Reigns during introductions. The mind games, and taking some liberties, helped Shane O’Mac get in some early offense, but it wasn’t enough to make this battle in Jeddah a quick or one-sided match. Reigns got in plenty of offense, and even seemed poised to pick up a win with a Superman Punch. But McMahon went low with a chop block, and applied a sloppy looking triangle to try and fulfill his promise to make Roman tap for the first time in his career.

After Reigns powered out of that, the action spilled to the outside. When the big Scotsman looked to get involved, he did catch a Superman Punch.

But the distraction allowed Shane to crotch the Big Dog, but Roman would overcome that, too. It was an eye poke McMahon caught referee Charles Robinson with while selling a punch that did Reigns in. McIntyre swooped in to hit a Claymore, and McMahon rolled over to cover.

Given that Reigns is already booked to face McIntyre at Stomping Grounds later this month, it was the outcome that made sense.

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