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WWE Super ShowDown results: Corbin is dumb, Heyman is clumsy, and Rollins is still champ

With Brock Lesnar’s latest Money in the Bank cash-in promise looming over the proceedings, and Universal champion Seth Rollins still showing the effects of the beating Lesnar gave him on Mon., June 3, Raw’s main men’s title was first up on the Super ShowDown card.

Challenger Baron Corbin, who riled up the locals by insisting ring announcer Greg Hamilton introduce him to the Saudi crowd as “Jeddah’s favorite son”, struck early. His strategy was to target the champ’s taped ribs. And it worked really well, getting Corbin nearfalls and opportunities to work heel with rest holds and trash talking.

After landing on his feet on a back drop, the Architect started his comeback with an enziguri. His usual offense followed, including a suicide dive toward the announce desks. But when that didn’t lead to a pin, Rollins tried it once too often. Corbin countered the dive with a forearm when Seth tried it to the hard camera side of the ring.

When a Deep Six didn’t result in a three count, Baron admonished referee John Cone. When Cone took a chair from the challenger, the two men argued.

In the ensuing confusion, Rollins rolled up Corbin for the win.

In the aftermath, the Lone Wolf grabbed the champ for an End of Days. And thought brought Lesnar, his Advocate, and the Money in the Bank briefcase from the back. But when Paul Heyman dropped the case...

...Seth caught a distracted Beast with a low blow. He followed that by used the chair Brock had brought into the ring. A payback beatdown ended with a curb stomp onto the case, and Seth Rollins is still champ.

More importantly, Brock Lesnar still has a contract for a title match.

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