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WWE Super ShowDown results, live streaming match coverage: Undertaker vs. Goldberg

WWE Super ShowDown is all set to pop off today (Fri., June 7, 2019) from the King Abdullah International Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at 2:00 pm ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Super ShowDown below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!


  • Undertaker def. Goldberg
  • Mansoor wins the 50-Man Battle Royal
  • Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler
  • Braun Strowman def. Bobby Lashley
  • Randy Orton def. Triple H
  • Lars Sullivan def. The Lucha House Party by disqualification
  • Shane McMahon def. Roman Reigns
  • Finn Balor def. Andrade
  • Seth Rollins def. Baron Corbin
  • The Usos def. The Revival


Hey folks.

No lyrics today. Much as with Crown Jewel, I’m going to use my platform here to express my unhappiness with WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. More specifically, owing to my nature as a queer trans woman, Saudi Arabia is, uh... not very friendly to people like me, and so seeing WWE act as a propaganda arm for this regime really sucks sometimes.

But as with that show, I refuse to sit back and leave my colleagues here at Cageside Seats, who have played such a huge part in making me feel comfortable to be out and proud as the woman I am, high and dry, so I’m liveblogging the show.

Before it begins, however, may I draw your attention to Power Up With Pride? PUWP is a video game speedrunning marathon ran twice a year by the LGBTQ speedrunning community to raise money for LGBTQ charities, with this year’s summer edition benefitting the Trevor Project. Speedrunning is particularly near and dear to my heart because a key part in my journey to coming out to myself was seeing all the awesome trans women of speedrunning out there and doing their thing and finally being able to think to myself “Hey, maybe I *can* do this!”

So maybe give them a view on Twitch sometime over the weekend (the stream goes live at Noon Eastern) if you can, but me? I’ve got to liveblog this here pro wrestling show, folks.

The pre-show opens with Charly Caruso in a studio somewhere that is not Saudi Arabia introducing us to her pre-show panel, currently consisting of David Otunga and Beth Phoenix. The run down the card for today’s Saudi Arabian non-union WrestleMania equivalent before discussing Baron Corbin vs. Seth Rollins and tossing to a video package that feeds into a Paul Heyman promo explaining that Brock Lesnar didn’t cash in on Raw because he wanted to give a receipt for the beatdown he got from Seth the week before WrestleMania.

The panel discusses Brock’s cash-in before moving to the battle royal and then we get short promos from Ricochet and Bobby Roode as to why they’re winning. Moving on, the next match that gets the video package and panel treatment is Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler, followed by the Intercontinental Championship match.

Seth Rollins is interviewed by Byron Saxton.

He says he’s gotta be honest, he’s not 100% and who would be after the beatdown Brock gave him on Monday? He says he came to Super Showdown to be a fighting champion and Baron Corbin is his opponent tonight so he’s gonna do what he does and beat him to retain his title, and if Lesnar and Heyman keep their words and cash in, he’ll be ready for the Beast.

Up next with the panel, the Lars Sullivan handicap match. A few more battle royal promos follow, Heavy Machinery and Rusev this time. Panel discussion and video package of Triple H vs. Randy Orton follows, and Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley thereafter. Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon gets the treatment next before Goldberg vs. the Undertaker.

We head to ringside for our pre-show match.

The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso)

Dawson and Jey to start, collar and elbow, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, leapfrog, hip toss blocked, lariat ducked, and Uso with the big slicing right and the tag! Double whip, back body drop, fend Wilder off, double lariats send Scott to the floor and they dump Dash after him! Fired up, out ot the floor, big chops for the Revival, back inside, off the ropes, blind tag and Wilder is legal.

Double teams, wiping Jimmy out and putting boots to him in the corner, Dawson tags back in, leg drop across the face, whip into a punch and Uso hits the floor. Right hands from Dash, back inside, straight suplex for a nearfall and Scott starts grinding his forearm across Jimmy’s face. Rear chinlock applied, out of it but right into the Cobra Twist. Wilder legal, Uso gets some separation with an enzuigiri, tag to Jey!

In hot with lariats, kick to the midsection, basement slap, off the ropes and into the Samoan drop! Fired up, Ode to Rikishi... NOPE! Off the ropes, Dawson with an uppercut, dragging him over, thinking spike piledriver but the Usos take the Revival out, diving crossbody... STILL NO! Jey calling for it, Ode to Rikishi comes up empty on the second try, Scott ducking, inside cradle but referee Shawn Bennett is distracted by Wilder!

Dawson with a spinning spinebuster... NOT ENOUGH! Handful of hair, tag to Dash, double back suplex, lands on his feet, tag from Jimmy! Enzuigiri from the apron, superkick connects on Wilder, Dawson counters but here’s Jey... SUPERKICK PARTY! IT’S OVER!

The Usos win by pinfall with stereo superkicks on Dash Wilder.

We go back to the panel for a quick roundup of the card for today’s show to close the pre-show out.

The main show kicks off with a video package setting the stage for the show.

Baron Corbin vs. Seth Rollins (c) (WWE Universal Championship)

Rollins keeping his distance, playing it safe to protect his injured ribs, collar and elbow, Corbin backs him into the corner and breaks dirty with a slap to the ribs when referee John Cone warns him. Seth with punches, Baron cuts him off with a knee to the midsection, drop down, dropkick connects! Charging in, Rollins back body dropped to the apron, shoulder thrust, springboard but Corbin cuts him off and hangs him over the ropes ribs first!

Gourdbuster into the ropes, stomps to the ribs, pressing the attack, another gourdbuster over the ropes gets a cover for two! Shove into the corner, Seth gives him the pass, outside and back in and the Lone Wolf gets a huge lariat for two! Waistlock applied, grinding Rollins down, hammering right hands into the injured ribs, shifting gears to back suplex for another nearfall!

Corbin yelling at Cone, picking Seth’s leg, stomp against the ropes, pull him out but Rollins hits an enzuigiri for some separation. Chops in the ropes, the champ fighting hard, whip reversed and again and he hits a rolling elbow! Boot up in the corner, to the second, land on his feet on the dive, off the ropes... Sling Blade connects! Corbin to the floor, Seth hits the suicide dive!

Back inside, Baron rolls out the other side, off the ropes again, a second dive! Back inside, Rollins heads up top but Corbin meets him with a goozle, pulls him down, chokebreaker reversed into a sunset flip that nearly does it! Avada Kedavra, another nearfall, tuning up the band but Baron leaves the ring again. Off the ropes, elbow cuts him off, back inside, the Lone Wolf with a ripcord slam... ROLLINS KICKS OUT!

Baron throwing a tantrum, cut off in the corner, off the ropes, Blackout denied and the big man hits Deep Six... NO GOOD! Corbin screaming in referee John Cone’s face, demanding the three count, lying in wait but Seth floats out of End of Days! Passed out and back in, back elbow knocks Baron to the floor and he gets a steel chair. Cone warns him off and Corbin thinks better of it.


Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with a schoolboy pin to retain the WWE Universal Championship.

Post-match, Corbin hits End of Days!

Here comes Brock Lesnar! He’s got a chair in hand, a referee with him, and Paul Heyman’s bringing the Money in the Bank briefcase!

Rollins hits a low blow before Lesnar can get to him! He sets eyes on the chair and begins waffling Brock across the back with it! The chairshots rain down as he tells Lesnar to cash in and calls him a big ugly son of a bitch! Brock in position... BLACKOUT ON THE BRIEFCASE!

When we come back from our house ad, Brock Lesnar is just leaving the ring, unsteady on his feet with a bruised elbow and welts raising up on his back.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Finn Balor (c) (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Waistlock takedown from Balor, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block and into the front chancery. Almas out with a jawbreaker, running knee in the corner, hammerlock applied, back body drop counters and Finn gets the low dropkick. Double leg into the double stomp, Finn sidesteps and Andrade goes over the ropes and to the floor on a running knee! Trip him up off the apron Penalty Kick, back inside, springboard dropkick connects for two!

Straight suplex, setting up the Three Amigos, Balor floats out of the third but Cien is able to turn him around and hit it anyway! Kneeling surfboard, Finn stands up, back elbow connects and Almas draws him up for the inverted tornado DDT... NOPE! Reverse chinlock applied, Balor fights out, trading forearms, whip reversed, Finn cuts him off with a dropkick and both men are down and out.

Off the ropes, malfunction at the junction with a double lariat but Finn recovers and clotheslines his challenger to the floor. Off the ropes... TOPE CON GIRO! Onto the apron, Kawada kicks from the champion, back in the ring proper, whip across and into a charging chop. Whip reversed, up and over, Almas plants Balor with kick to the face and tries for the inverted tornado DDT again but Finn counters into his inverted headlock elbow drop!

Inverted 1916 connects... NOT ENOUGH! Sling Blade blocked, big chop, but Sling Blade hits on the second try! In the corner, fired up, Cien cuts him off with a boot but the Demon is just fired up! Back elbow quenches the flame, Almas with a handspring knee drop to set the corner knees up... STILL NO! Headed up top, land on his feet on the first moonsault attempt, right into the standing moonsault... FINN HAS THE KNEES UP!

Gamengiri from the apron, Andrade with elbows, off the ropes, sunset flip to the floor but Balor holds onto the ropes and hits the double stomp! Up top, double stomp across the back of Cien’s neck can’t put him away! Drawing him up back body drop, roll through but Almas his double knees to the face, spike him with the hammerlock DDT... THE DEMON KICKS OUT!

Powerbomb floated out of, Balor hits a powerbomb of his own, shotgun dropkick, fired up, headed up top but Andrade cuts him off. Springboard... FINN COUNTERS INTO AN AVALANCHE DDT OFF THE TOP! Up top...

Finn Balor wins by pinfall with Coup de Grace to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

We get promos from the Miz and Jinder Mahal talking about why it is they’re going to be the one to win the battle royal tonight.

Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon

McMahon right in with punches and knees while Drew McIntyre plays spoiler on the apron! Into the ropes with punches, scraping Reigns’ face across the top rope. Roman fires up, whip across, but Shane sidesteps the charge and the Big Dog eats the post! Putting boots to him in the corner, posting him on the far corner and Reigns spills to the floor.

Shane keeping referee Charles Robinson busy while McIntyre gets a cheap shot in, back inside, choking him with the goozle, clubbing blows, Russian legsweep for two! Teeing off with punches but Roman fires back with the big slicing right, another one, a lariat, a second lariat, whip reversed, duck the leaping lariat and McMahon hits a corkscrew back elbow for two!

Rear chinlock applied to follow it up, a knee to the Big Dog’s back, shift to a reverse chinlock, Roman to his feet, getting Shane into the corner for the lariats, off the ropes with the big boot to finish! Calling for it but McMahon counters the Superman Punch with a chop block! Pulling him in, triangle choke applied, Reigns flagging but not failing and he posts to his feet for the counter powerbomb... NOPE!

Robinson busy checking on Shane, Drew takes advantage and puts Roman into the barricade only to eat a Superman Punch in return! McMahon dives into a right but is able to cut Reigns off on the apron, get him inside... HIS SPEAR CAN’T PUT THE BIG DOG DOWN! Elbow drop connects, he drags Roman into the corner and puts boots to him before heading up top... SUPERMAN PUNCH KNOCKS HIM DOWN!

Cover gets two, the Big Dog howls but runs right into a front kick! Off the ropes... MCINTYRE HITS THE CLAYMORE WHILE CHARLES ROBINSON ISN’T LOOKING! Shane capitalizes...

Shane McMahon wins by pinfall with a lateral press.

Post-match, McMahon celebrates on McIntyre’s shoulders while fireworks go off behind them.

New Day are interviewed by Byron Saxton.

They talk about how Kofi Kingston is more than a champion, he’s a hero, and he’s going to retain the WWE Championship.

Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik, Kalisto, & Lince Dorado) (Handicap Match)

Kalisto to start, keeping his distance but Sullivan picks him up and puts him into the corner for repeated shoulder thrusts. Warned by referee Dan Engler, he picks Kalisto up and clubs him down, stalking after, press dropping him face-first across the top turnbuckle! He makes Kalisto tag out, Dorado in, punches in the corner but Lars shoves him away and catches his follow-up kick before palm striking the Golden Lynx to the mat!

Canadian backbreaker rack, Lince slips out, right hands but Sullivan goozles him to the floor! Back in, off the ropes, Lars freight trains him with a lariat. Metalik in, springboard up and over, duck a lariat, handspring back elbow staggers the big man! Kick combo, Kalisto tags in, diving crossbody, boot up in the corner, two boots up in the corner, a dive and Sullivan swats him out of mid-air with a lariat!

Lars knocked to the floor by a desperate Kalisto, back in, clear the apron, release Blue Thunder Driver and the Freak roars at Kalisto before heading up top, whereupon the other two luchadors cut him off and put boots to him. Engler has no choice...

Lars Sullivan wins by disqualification.

Lucha House Party continue their beatdown, Gran hits his Gran Naniwa elbow drop and they leave the Freak lying! Lars incredulous, on his knees, rolling out after them and he back body drops Metalik before running Kalisto over and slinging Dorado down the ramp! Press slam on the ramp takes Kalisto out! Slingshot crossbody from Dorado gets reversed into a slam on the apron!

Randy Orton vs. Triple H

Squaring up, staring each other dead in the eye, alas, no kiss, they just back off and get into the collar and elbow. Into the corner, Orton breaks clean at referee Jason Ayers’ behest but Hunter goes right back in and gets him in the corner in return. Clean break once more, Triple with an armbar, wristlock, arm wringer, headlock takeover counter reversed into a headscissors and they stalemate.

Back to the lockup, side headlock to a hammerlock, HHH in control, reversed, Randy with a side headlock, Hunter reverses, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, looking for an early Pedigree, no, early RKO, no, stalemate! Again with the lockup, arm wringer, shoulder amrbreakers, Orton punches him in the face to break free and presses the attack with more strikes in the corner.

Hunter turns it around, arm wringer through the ropes, to the floor, putting the Viper into the barricade hard, targeting the left hand, smashing it into the steel steps! Whip through the post, HHH takes a breather in the ring before heading back out and Orton back suplexes him into the announce desk! To the steps, Randy puts Hunter shoulder-first into the steel!

Back inside, doing the Garvin stomp, reverse chinlock applied, he grabs the beard and decks the Game with a lariat when he tries to break out. Lateral press, only two, back to the reverse chinlock. HHH out, jockeying for positing, knee strike, whip reversed and Hunter hits the single-knee facebreaker and drops Orton with a lariat... NOPE! Underhooks in the ropes, Randy with a back body drop to the apron, got him where he wants him for the hanging DDT but Triple counters and leaves both men down and out!

Orton up first, putting Hunter in the corner, jockeying for position and HHH slings him off. RKO blocked, northern lariat connects! Crotch chop, charge in, snap scoop powerslam takes him out.. NOPE! Looking for the hanging DDT, he connects but the Viper’s arm is too banged up to capitalize! Randy going to that special place, but HHH is ready for him and hits the spinebuster... NOT ENOUGH!

Arm-trap crossface follows it up, Orton struggles and makes it to the ropes! Underhooks, Randy with the back body drop to counter, RKO... TRIPLE H KICKS OUT! With Hunter down and out, Orton gets into the corner, thinking about the punt... HHH CATCHES HIS LEG TO BLOCK! Front kick, underhooks, Pedigree... AND THE VIPER KICKS OUT! To the floor, Randy looking for the back suplex into the table again but Hunter reverses and suplexes HIM into the announce desk!

Pulling him off, hitting a second back suplex into the table and a third and a fourth! Back inside, outta nowhere...

Randy Orton wins by pinfall with an RKO.

Commentary recaps the last few 24/7 Championship title changes.

Baron Corbin is backstage accosting Byron Saxton and complaining about his loss earlier.

He asks Byron what he’s gonna do about it and orders him to go get somebody who can actually do something about it.

Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley

Lockup, Strowman shoves Lashley away and roars! Back to the collar and elbow, same result but with a flex, Lashley gets a side headlock, shot off, shoulder blocks, two big men going full bull moose! Test of strength, Bob forces Braun down on one knee, kicks to the midsection but Strowman hosses him up with an eleveated wristlock. Off the ropes, combat roll, leapfrog, Braun with a huge shoulder block!

Stinger Splash, one connects, Lashley sidesteps the second, gets Braun on his shoulder... RUNNING POWERSLAM CAN’T PUT THE MONSTER AWAY! Slugging it out, Bob with a rear chinlock and a knee to the back, shift to a reverse chinlock, out and off the ropes and Braun hits a spinebuster! Freight training Lashley down, putting him in the corner, Stinger Splash connects and Bob rolls to the floor.

Strowman running around the floor... POUNCE! Around the ring a second time for another one! Back in the ring, clubbing Lashley to the mat, charging in and Bob sidesteps, putting Braun’s shoulder into the post and sending him careening to the floor! Charging around, Lashley with the pounce this time, dragging Strowman to the ramp and he suplexes him on the floor!

Back inside, Braun recovers and biels him, scoop and a slam, got Bob on his shoulders...

Braun Strowman wins by pinfall with a running powerslam.

More battle royal promos, this time Mustafa Ali and Samoa Joe.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston (c) (WWE Championship)

Collar and elbow, Ziggler backs him into the corner and breaks clean. Back to the lockup, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, leapfrog, leapfrog, leaping corkscrew elbow from the champion! Leaping forearm in the corner, body blows, whip reversed, Dolph hits a dropkick for one. Pressing the attack, neckbreaker connects, Kingston out at two.

Heartstopper elbow drop, Ziggler looking for the bodyscissors sleeper hold but Kofi won’t let him lock all of it on. Posting to his hands and kness, up to his feet but Dolph gets him into a cradle for two. Kingston with punches from underneath, Dolph putting the boots to him, choking him in the corner, snapmare into another elbow straight to the heart for two.

Bodyscissors applied, single-arm straitjacket, overhead elbows, maintaining wrist control as Kofi escapes, Zig Zag denied and Kofi starts in with the chops, the dropkick, off the ropes for the Superman Lariat! Off the ropes again, Boom Drop, calling for it but Dolph goes to the apron to avoid it and lands a DDT back in the ring for two! Ramming Kingston into the post, clawing at the champion’s eyes while wrenching his neck over the ropes!

Setting Kofi up top, jockeying for position, a headbutt knocks Ziggler down and Kingston hits a crossbody that Dolph is able to roll through for a nearfall! Kofi thinking powerbomb, Dolph rolls through, trading cradles, Kingston catches him with the SOS... SO CLOSE! Dumping Ziggler out of the ring, Kofi climbs up top for the trust fall senton!

Dolph puts the champion into the steel steps and decks Xavier Woods with a superkick! Kingston fired up and hammering him with punches, pushing him back into the ring, headed up top but nobody’s home! Trouble in Paradise ducked, O’Connor for two, Woods is back up with an enzuigiri from the apron and Kofi capitalizes...

Kofi Kingston wins by pinfall with Trouble in Paradise to retain the WWE Championship.

Dolph Ziggler is interviewed backstage.

He says he thought Kofi was a hero who did it the right way but now we all know that he’s nothing but a coward. He doubles down on his talking point that he should be champion and he demands another match against Kingston, one on one, no allies at ringside... in a steel cage.

We get a recap of the beginning of the show followed up by a hype reel looking at how excited the fans in Jeddah are to see the show, which beats a proper propaganda reel, I suppose.

Elias comes out with his guitar to sing a pre-celebratory song for us. Miz blasts him and we’re off!

50-Man Battle Royal

Apologies, folks, but there’s no way I can cover this match in any kind of detail until the crowd thins, so I’m going to just try and catch eliminations at first.

The Singh Brothers get crowdsurfed to the floor for their eliminations, Karl Anderson out, Eric Young, Humberto Carrillo, Luke Gallows, Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, Akira Tozawa, Bo Dallas, No Way Jose, Brian Kendrick, all out. Buddy Murphy barely avoids elimination but Tony Nese, not so lucky! Mustafa Ali hanging on for dear life, we got a hoss tag team trio showdown between Authors of Pain, Viking Raiders, and Heavy Machinery and they brawl!

Tucker Knight eliminated by AOP, Akam and Rezar by Viking Raiders, we see that Titus O’Neil has been hiding under the ring and he heads back inside to get into it with the Vikings! Titus dumps Ivar and Erik in short order! Gator bark, Robert Roode trying to eliminate Ali to no avail and Shelton Benjamin drops O’Neil to the floor!

Buddy Murphy eliminated, he still works here. Shelton getting into it with Matt Hardy and a Twist of Fate eliminates the Gold Standard. Dozer stepping on Jinder Mahal’s neck, Samoa Joe chokes Curt Hawkins and eliminates but him and Zack Ryder. Apollo Crews with a dropkick for Chad Gable, Shinsuke Nakamura joins the fray and Gable nails him with the rolling Koppo kick!

Revival working an Uso over, sure why not? Gable out, as is Crews, and Ricochet manages to eliminate Mahal! Otis does the Caterpillar on both Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura but Erick Rowan eliminates the Dozer! Woods fighting with Rowan and he gets dropped by the clawslam and eliminated! The Usos team up and eliminate Erick in turn and are then eliminated by the Revival!

Twist of Fate takes Dash Wilder out and one takes Scott Dawson down as well! Cesaro eliinates Matt Hardy and puts Cedric Alexander on the apron but the former cruiserweight hangs in there and comes back, so the Swiss Superman swings him! That’s enough for an elimination, Sin Cara in, satellite headscissors, follow it up with La Mistica! Nakamura and Cara jockeying for position, sunset flip, Kinshasa connects!

Sin eliminates Shinsuke with a gamengiri in the corner and Rusev dumps him after! Miz dumps Rusev, Roode trying to take the A-Lister out but he blocks. Glorious DDT reversed, Skull-Crushing Finale denied, low bridge and Miz dumps Bobby! Cesaro looking for a press slam but Miz blocks and sets him and Elias both up for the chest kicks!

Cesaro ducks his and puts Miz to the apron, allowing Elias to eliminate the A-Lister with a knee! Final six, Ricochet, Ali, Mansoor, Samoa Joe, Cesaro, and Elias! Mustafa with a dropkick to the Drifter, back body drop for Ricochet, the two indie flyers with kick combos for Cesaro, X-Factor, springboard lariat! Samoa clobbers Ali and Ricochet with lariats, Mustafa hangs onto the top rope, the One and Only making the save but Joe chops him down!

Putting Ricochet on the apron, but he and Mustafa team up... JOE IS ELIMINATED! Cesaro eliminates them in turn and Mansoor eliminates the Swiss Superman! Elias attacks Mansoor from behind, drawing him up, but the NXT star hits a superkick! Elias puts him on the apron, Mansoor hangs on, back body drop...

Mansoor wins, last eliminating Elias.

Mansoor is interviewed after the match.

He says he doesn’t have the words to describe how important this is to us, and one year ago he stood here in this ring in Jeddah as a prospect. but tonight his dream came true.

Commentary runs the card for Stomping Ground down.

Goldberg vs. the Undertaker

They square up, face-to-face, Goldberg slashes his throat and Undertaker decks him! Goldberg off the ropes... SPEAR! Taker back to his feet... ANOTHER SPEAR! The Deadman sits up! Bill with punches in the ropes, whip across, duck a lariat, goozle, Goldberg tries to break his grip, counters into a roll and a kneebar! Adjusting his grip, wrenching it in, Taker screaming agony!

Undertaker forces the break, Bill with boots in the corner, whip across, sidestep the charge and Goldberg eats the post! Bill busted open bad by the post, gushing from the forehead! The Deadman draws him up, right hands in the corner, clubbing away, knucklelock, headed up top... OLD SCHOOL! Calling for it but Goldberg slumps into the ropes... CHOKESLAM! Scooping him up... GOLDBERG KICKS OUT OF THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!

Off the ropes, duck a lariat, both guys go for one and they collide in the middle of the ring! Trading punches, Taker pulling ahead, whip into the corner, charging in with a lariat in the corner! Scoop... SNAKE EYES! Off the ropes... GOLDBERG HITS ANOTHER SPEAR! Down and out, Bill recovers and calls for it, drawing the Deadman up... THE JACKHAMMER TURNS INTO A BRAINBUSTER BECAUSE HE CAN’T TURN THE UNDERTAKER OVER! THE DEADMAN KICKS OUT!

Bill scoops him up for a Tombstone but he’s not got enough gas in the tank and slips and falls, Undertaker capitalizes...

The Undertaker wins by pinfall with the chokeslam.

The Undertaker celebrates bathed in blue light.

That’s the show, folks.

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