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Goldberg has been gotten to by Matt Riddle

Brock Lesnar isn’t the only main roster target for NXT’s Matt Riddle. He also keeps tabs on the man Brock feuded with from Survivor Series 2016 - WrestleMania 33. Goldberg does not want Riddle following him, however. Something the Bro pointed out today:

Where does the heat between the WWE Hall of Famer and the former UFC welterweight come from? This quote from a pre-’Mania 33 edition of his “Brocast” back in 2017 is certainly part of it. Riddle had been critical of the short matches Goldberg worked during his Universal title run & feud with Lesnar. When podcast host Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful asked how long a fight would last if The King of Bros was “next”, Riddle answered:

“Maybe two minutes max. He does use steroids and he does work out a lot, I take that into account, he’s probably really strong. But then I take age into consideration, I take wear and tear into consideration. I take his football career and concussions into consideration, I think it’s about two minutes before I choke him out.”

Yeah, that’ll probably earn you a block.

Rumor is Matt may be headed to Jeddah for the 50 man battle royal. Bill will be there for his match with Undertaker. Will the Bro troll Goldberg in person? If Taker doesn’t re-retire the WCW icon, will Riddle add him to his to-do list next to Brock? Or can they make peace while in the Middle East?

Interesting times...

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