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May you enjoy Raw as much as Matthew McConaughey enjoyed Raw

WWE was in the capital of Texas for Raw last night (June 3). Folks who tuned in and paid attention saw when celebrity fans and proud Austinites Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey were sitting front row during the show’s first hour.

That was just the cherry on top of the Oscar-winning actor’s sports entertainment sundae, however. Earlier in the night (or maybe it was later, time being a flat circle and all), McConaughey visited with some folks backstage. Some standard fan pics followed:

While a guy going through a bit of an existential crisis took some wisdom from Wooderson himself. Hopefully this bit of life philosophy can get the former TNA World champ motivated again...

But we saved the best for last, as we learned that not only is The McConaissance not over, it is in fact.... I-CONIC!

Alright, alright, alright.

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