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Tyler Breeze is back in NXT, and I think Fandango wants to join him

As Triple H mentioned in his pre-TakeOver: XXV conference call last week, and Tyler Breeze confirmed in the above interview after Saturday night’s show, Prince Pretty is once again a member of the NXT roster. The Game has been saying for a while that talent movement between the black-and-gold brand and the main roster would eventually become a two-way street, and it looks like Breeze is the first big name to go from Raw or SmackDown to NXT instead of vice-versa.

There’s already another name reportedly headed back to Haitch’s territory (click here if you want that rumor and aren’t afraid of possible spoilers), and I think a former partner of Tyler’s would like to be considered for a move to Orlando. Fandango was definitely trying to make sure we knew he had some history with the brand, even if it predates his current gimmick and was during NXT’s faux reality show days...

We know Dept. Dango’s been down at the Performance Center working on his comeback from last summer’s shoulder surgery. We also know there are plenty of people already not getting screen time on Raw and SmackDown. Can you blame the guy for wanting a shot at reinventing himself like his Fashion Police partner?

Of course, this could just be his famously “weird” sense of humor. But... let us know what you think, about Fandango’s intention, and the idea of him joining the NXT roster.

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