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Triple H welcomes Eric Bischoff & Paul Heyman back to WWE

Triple H-Paul Heyman-Raw

Seeing as there were already rumors about Triple H’s professional relationship with his father-in-law Vince McMahon, it’s not surprising the news Eric Bischoff & Paul Heyman were hired as the Executive Directors of SmackDown and Raw would result in even more speculation. Trips has been running several television brands for WWE Network over the past few years, many would say very successfully. The notion he should have been promoted to running one or both of the more high profile broadcast shows isn’t just fantasy booking. It’s something stakeholders from viewers to network execs would have seen as a positive.

A rumor was floated on Twitter that Trips had turned down the job to remain focused on NXT, but it came from a less-than-reliable source, and was quickly refuted by a pair of usually reliable ones.

We finally have a comment from The Game himself. This was likely delayed by Hunter being on the WWE tour of Singapore and Japan this week (that the Heyman & Bischoff announcement was made while Triple H was out of the country has been noted by conspiracy theorists). What we finally got on Friday was a textbook company man tweet, hyping the new Executive Directors qualifications and expressing excitement to see what they do in their new jobs:

So that’s that.

If there’s any lingering resentment on Haitch’s part, well, I’m sure he’ll like a fan’s negative tweet about Bischoff and/or Heyman eventually, and the internet will be sure to tell us about it.

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