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Raw and SmackDown aren’t wasting time advertising appearances by their new Executive Directors

The shocking news yesterday (June 27) WWE had hired Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman to run SmackDown and Raw respectively came with a note there were no current plans to make their roles part of the televised storyline. Follow-up reports also indicated both men would be eased into their new roles.

If that’s the case, the venues hosting next week’s editions of the red and blue brands either didn’t get the memo, or they just don’t care. Word is ticket sales haven’t been great for WWE events, which would explain why Dallas’ American Airlines Center (host of the July 1 Raw) and San Antonio’s AT&T Center (where SmackDown will be held on July 2) are looking for any hook they can use to get people into the building.

Fans in those Texas cities tell Austin-based radio show Sports Guys Talk Wrestling they’ve received these emails from the venues:

Sports Guys Talk Wrestling’s Twitter
Sports Guys Talk Wrestling’s Twitter

Now, I couldn’t track down originals via either places’ website or social media, so it’s not impossible these are fan-made photo manipulations. But we at least know it lines up with how someone at American Airlines Center was thinking after the news broke yesterday...

Heyman could be there and on-screen in his current role, of course. I still wouldn’t expect to see any major changes to either show, with or without the new head men being acknowledged. But a lot of fans are curious about potential changes to WWE’s main roster series, and WWE & their partners know this.

Expect Easy E & Paul E. to continue being part of their sales pitch for the foreseeable future.

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