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Don’t blame Becky Lynch for Seth Rollins’ Twitter game

Her use of social media has been essential to Becky Lynch’s popularity. Even before her abandoned heel turn gave rise to The Man, Lynch knew how to use things like tweets & Instagrams to entertain her followers and help get her on-screen character over.

Her boyfriend’s use of social media has, until recently, been pretty unremarkable. Not in bad way. Just that there’s literally never been much reason to remark on Seth Rollins’ Twitter. That changed in a big way last weekend, and many have said Rollins damaged his reputation and his character with just a handful of tweets boasting about his wrestling skill, and the company he and Lynch work for.

This came about just as WWE was ramping up their promotion of Becky & Seth as a couple. It was only a matter of time until someone asked if she’d offered him any pointers, either before or after his online feuds this week with Will Ospreay, fans, websites and writers.

Dallas’ Guide Live did the asking, during an interview with The Man promoting next week’s Raw from American Airlines Center...

Guide Live: Have you seen either of your in-ring styles start to rub off on one another? It seems like Seth’s Twitter fingers have taken some tips from ‘The Man’ here lately...

Lynch: No, to be honest with you, neither. None in either way. I’ve seen what he’s been doing. That’s completely him. He rightfully exposes the fact that we are the premiere wrestling show. We’re constantly putting on matches, five-star matches time after time. I think that he just wants that to be noticed and appreciated. But that’s got absolutely nothing to do with me, I don’t know that I’ve rubbed off on him in that way.

And in-ring, no. My style is my style. His style is his style. We’re our own people, and then we can just fight side by side.”

Pretty diplomatic. Or at least as diplomatic as anyone can give a quote which contains the phrase “that’s got absolutely nothing to do with me” can sound.

Check out the rest of the interview, which includes Lynch talking about how the decision to bring her romance with Seth into kayfabe was made only recently, here.

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