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My new favorite tweet from Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch’s Twitter prowess is legendary. Her social media game was instrumental to her rise to the top of the card from SummerSlam 2018 - WrestleMania 35. It was allegedly good enough that WWE asked the Raw Women’s champ to rein it in so as to not hurt her targets’ reputations and/or feelings.

Still, I don’t think I’ve ever loved a tweet from The Man more than this one:

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Becky and Universal champion Seth Rollins are dating. WWE has paired them up in kayfabe, and they’ll be defending both their belts in a mixed tag match at Extreme Rules on Sun., July 14. That was booked when the couple opened Raw last night (June 24), and it was from that segment the above picture was tweeted.

Some folks love all things Becky & Seth. Others don’t.

But none of us need cutesy pics posted under lyrics from The Lion King’s love theme.

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