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Seth Rollins/Will Ospreay Twitter beef now includes Baron Corbin, Chris Jericho

Heading into Stomping Grounds on Sunday (June 23), Universal champion Seth Rollins sent a couple of tweets proclaiming WWE as the home of the “best pro wrestling on the planet”. He took on a few folks who disagreed with his statement, including some dorks who run a wrestling blog, and ignored advice from a comic book creator who suggested he “dial it down a notch”.

There are plenty of discussion points that stem just from those two exchanges. For example... is Rollins defending people who aren’t even being criticized? Who (other than Velveteen Dream) blames talent for their issues with WWE? Do you have to be a trained wrestler to critique wrestling and wrestling shows?

Another issue emerged from the tweets, however. New Japan’s Will Ospreay specifically took issue with Seth’s dare to “Find anyone else alive who does what I do as well as I do it as often as I do it. Ya can’t.” The IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champ offered his own existence as an answer to the Architect. And, to paraphrase a fast food chain with a wrestling-obsessed Twitter, we have a beef:

The man Seth’s currently feuding with, and a talent who does get blamed for issues with WWE’s product (but even that has more to do with management’s stubborn insistence on pushing him as a main eventer, but I digress...), joined in. Baron Corbin had numbers of his own. Then Ospreay joined in on blaming him for Raw’s malaise:

AEW’s Chris Jericho also weighed in, fact checking the Ospreay/Rollins fight:

And doing some trolling of Seth’s original claim:

Of course, everyone involved - from the Universal champ to the BOSJ 26 winner, Fozzy’s frontman to smartass web writers - is in the business of promotion. So these beefs, and whatever attention they’ve merited, is all in the game.

The Aerial Assassin knows it. And he’s already got a sale on his first stab at monetizing it!

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