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Undertaker appears out of nowhere to save Roman Reigns from Shane McMahon

In pro wrestling sometimes huge pops don’t need to make a lick of sense.

So was the case this week on Monday Night Raw when The Undertaker showed up to save Roman Reigns from a double team attack from Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

Why did The Deadman teleport into the ring to help out Reigns?

Reasons probably.

The crowd in Everett, Washington lost their minds. McMahon and McIntyre had no idea what was going on.

It would be downright hilarious if WWE just never explains why Undertaker showed up at a random Raw in June to help out The Big Dog. Coming out of the commercial break the announce team did not shed any light on the situation and The Deadman had already left the ring.

Care to guess the reason why Taker saved Roman Reigns tonight on Raw?

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