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Both of Alexa Bliss’ concussions came taking the same move

Alexa Bliss didn’t win the SmackDown Women’s title at Stomping Grounds last night (June 24). But just the fact she was back for a pay-per-view (PPV) singles match counts as a success. A concussion she suffered during her previous one last September was the start of a brain injury which caused Bliss to fear she might never return to the ring. It was revealed on the WWE 365 documentary special which premiered after Stomping Grounds that both the concussions which kept Alexa on the shelf over the past several months came from taking the same move.

In this clip from the special, the Hell in a Cell 2018 spot which caused the first concussion is shown. It happens when Ronda Rousey delivers a headlock takeover at about the :50 mark of the video.

Treatment and rehabilitation resulted in the Goddess being cleared in time for Evolution on Oct. 28. But working tag matches with Mickie James against Rousey & Natalya the weekend before, during the house show on Oct. 20 in Hartford, Connecticut - the same headlock takeover resulted in her second concussion.

In the special on WWE Network, Bliss says she doesn’t blame the woman she was working with when both concussions happened. If anything, the five time Women’s champ sounded frustrated with how long she was sidelined and trying to get cleared for a return. Her mother praises WWE’s thoroughness in treating her Alexa’s injuries - which isn’t surprising considering this is a company-produced documentary, but is good to hear nonetheless.

The main thing is, Bliss is back. All indications are she came through her ten minute match in Tacoma last night without issue. Here’s to more healthy, safe wrestling in her future.

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