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We could see Vince’s new rule in action on tonight’s Raw

No, not the Wild Card Rule. A different one.

Our latest Rumor Roundup was chock full of information about a new rule Vince McMahon allegedly announced last week. One of the outlets reporting on the change says we may be seeing it in action on Raw tonight (June 24) from Everett, Washington.

To catch you up, McMahon reportedly told his writers and producers that matches are no longer to stretch across commercial breaks. This seems to be part of the move to make Raw and SmackDown more “sports-like” in their presentation, as a football or basketball game would not go to commercial while play continued - ads are shown during timeouts or other breaks in the action.

WWE is supposedly considering a few different options for how they’ll handle bouts that need to go on longer than one segment. PWInsider indicates that plans call for the least drastic alternative to be used tonight - they’ve been “told there will be at least one best of three falls match on the broadcast.”

It will be weird if Mondays and Tuesdays suddenly feature a bunch of best 2-out-of-3 falls matches. But that will be less weird than going to a rounds system, which is apparently something which has been at least discussed in light of Vince’s new rule.

Of course, it’s probably best not to get too excited about this or any change. Last month, Mick Foley introduced a new look and feel for the third hour of Raw which involved dimming the lights in the arena and using different graphics after 10pm Eastern. That didn’t last, and it’s possible the “no wrestling during commercials” rule won’t either.

We shall see.

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