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Shawn Michaels still says his comeback at ‘glorified house show’ Crown Jewel doesn’t count

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At least it probably won’t happen again, since HBK says it wasn’t fun, either.

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While he certainly acquitted himself better than some legends who’ve returned for WWE’s Saudi Arabian events, Shawn Michaels team-up with Triple H from last November’s Crown Jewel show certainly didn’t get any “Match of the Year” buzz. That’s probably why, whenever people bring it up, HBK makes it clear that (a) he doesn’t consider it a comeback, and (b) he’s not doing it again.

It came up again when the Showstopper stopped by the Challenge Mania podcast recently. Michaels added a few more reasons to his case for why the Nov. 2, 2018 D-Generation X vs. Brothers of Destruction bout was a “cheat day” that he doesn’t consider to have broken his retirement vow from WrestleMania 26:

“There are no regrets, but… so again, honestly, and no one will ever believe me but I’ll tell you anyway [laughs], but honestly, again it was — it’s not a WrestleMania, it’s not a this, it’s not a… to me it wasn’t coming back as the Heartbreak Kid. It was a tag [match]. I know that’s not the same, and I know nobody will understand it, but in my mind, it was like a glorified house show, a live event… I don’t mean that to be intellectually insulting to the wrestling fan, but in my mind, it was just so not the same.”

Count it or not, it really does seem like Shawn’s gonna stick to his guns and stay on behind-the-scenes from now on. Answering the “well why do it at all then?” question from host Scott Yager, HBK makes the whole thing sound like a chore:

“I got asked. It was almost like, as a favor [laughs]. And it was totally just, Hunter and I [did] the DX thing, a tag match. None of that felt like — it felt like a totally separate entity to me than the other. And that’s why I felt okay doing it. And the thing is, it was done with the intent of again, being a nice little fun thing to do. And I can’t say that it turned out to be all that fun. It was okay, and it was great being out there with those guys. But again, it was just one of those things that you sorta do because you’re a company dude and you go, ‘Oh alright, you know, I’ll do this’ and it’s separate and all that. To me it just sort of lives out there on its own.”

One change that’s come from WWE’s controversial contract with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia might be fewer fans calling for these comebacks from aging stars of yesteryear. Because, just like Michaels, we’re finding out they’re not as fun as they sound.

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