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Kofi Kingston joins a very exclusive club

This is pretty cool.

In the 34 years since since WrestleMania I, there have only been five wrestlers who’ve been a champion in WWE for 1,500 combined days. Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Triple H and The Miz have crossed that milestone while carrying a mix of straps for The ‘E. According to the company’s website, current WWE champ Kofi Kingston joined them today (June 24).

Kingston’s WWE title reign put him over the top, but it’s the weeks and months he spent with the other Grand Slam belts - the United States, Intercontinental, and all four tag titles the company’s used during his decade plus in their employ - that make up the bulk of those days.’s article doesn’t include a ranking of the five men in the 1,500 Day Club, but I was curious. Using Wikipedia’s “Recognized Days” statistics, it actually looks like Kingston joined the club in May.

Combined days as WWE, World Heavyweight, United States, Intercontinental, European*, WWE/Raw Tag, SmackDown Tag and World Tag champion:

Hulk Hogan - 2,204
John Cena - 1,885
Triple H - 1,714
The Miz - 1,652
Kofi Kingston - 1,535

Pretty amazing stuff, even in a scripted world. Congrats Kofi!

* The original version of this post neglected to count Triple H’s two European title runs.

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