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We’re worried about Drake Maverick

They were only together for a couple days, but in that time, Drake Maverick and the 24/7 championship were very happy.

Losing the title - at his wedding, no less - has been devastating for Maverick. It’s left him in a dark place. His new bride already (kayfabe, we hope) threatened to leave him, and that was before he went on a solo drinking binge...

Days later, it looks like he’s still trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces...

Making matters worse, his nemesis Truth continues to live a charmed life. He’s leading’s poll for favorite main roster champion:

And just generally being six-time 7-11 European Television champion R-Truth:

What’s next in our favorite story WWE’s currently telling? Join us for tonight’s Raw to find out (or we’ll update you if anything happens before then - especially if Drake finds his smile).

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