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WWE Stomping Grounds results, live streaming match coverage


WWE Money in the Bank is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., June 23, 2019) from the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington at 7:00 pm ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Money in the Bank below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


  • Seth Rollins def. Baron Corbin
  • Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler
  • Roman Reigns def. Drew McIntyre
  • Bayley def. Alexa Bliss
  • Daniel Bryan & Rowan def. Heavy Machinery
  • Ricochet def. Samoa Joe
  • Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn def. The New Day
  • Becky Lynch def. Lacey Evans
  • Drew Gulak def. Tony Nese & Akira Tozawa


Alight, dudes, dudettes, non-binary duderinos. Little bit of a late start, and you’re getting the live blogging third stringer. But, if there’s ever a show that deserved a C+ player like me, it’s this one.

Jonathan Coachman is anchoring a pre-show panel of David Otunga, Booker T and Charly Caruso. They’re joined by Ricochet in his Clark Kent guise, right down to the spectacles. He humbling talks about his opportunity tonight, and in WWE in general. Ricochet is looking forward to putting that bully in his Samoa Joe in his place. Joe cuts in from backstage, and basically acts like a bully.

After that, we get the Planet’s Tag Team Champions from backstage. Daniel Bryan is furious because a referee walked into their shot. That shows the disrespect everyone has for the tag team division. And that’s because in WWE tag wrestling is associated with acts like New Day and Heavy Machinery. Rowan wants to know what it would say if guys like Otis & Tucker were tag champs? No one will ever take the division seriously if a dancing and joking act like Heavy Machinery was on top, it doesn’t matter if they are “blue collar solid”. The usual fire from Bryan here.

A video recapping Roman Reigns issues with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre leads into a shot of Shane. He talks up Drew, who says Reigns can’t control his emotions. That’s why he lost to Shane in Saudi. Drew promises to wreck Roman to the point his kids will be horrified to see him. McMahon loves the intensity. The panel talks about how the Big Dog “just eeked” past McIntyre at WrestleMania 35, and his loss to Shane. Then they make their picks.

Surprise Kickoff match!

Tony Nese vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak for the Cruiserweight title

Gulak with a drop kick on the champ at the bell, hits Tozawa who rolls out. Nese back up and corners Gulak with strikes. Akira back in, and a melee ends with a two count from Tony on both challengers. Battle on the apron sends Nese into the announce desk. Senton off the apron onto Gulak. Back in, Tozawa covers Nese, but Gulak breaks it up. He gets thrown out, and when Akira climbs, Tony catches him with an open hand strike. Tossed to the mat, the champ covers but breaks things up again. The Philadelphia Stretcher throws both men and is control as we go to picture-in-picture for some Stomping Grounds commercials.

Tozawa is stretching Gulak out, but Nese breaks it up, lifting Akira to throw him into Drew. That lets Gulak grab a submission hold, the champ fights to get to the ropes but is dragged back away while Drew keeps the Gu-Lock on, but Tozawa lands a senton to break it up.. The former champ is in charge for a time after that. He’s eventually thrown to the floor by the current champ, who puts down Gulak and follows with a moonsault which mostly hit Drew’s knees. Tozawa breaks up the cover, and he brawls with Nese. Tony sets up for a superplex, but Akira fights him off. Champ hands in the tree of woe as Gulak races in for a superplex on Tozawa. Nese goes for a 450, but Drew rolls away. He covers after a neckbreaker, but that’s broken up. Another melee, the champ hits Running Nese, but when he covers, Tozawa rolls him up for two. More action that I honestly can’t keep up with ends with the champ on the floor as...

Drew Gulak win by pinfall after a torture rack neckbreaker on Akira Tozawa

The panel runs down the rest of the card, ending with the Raw Women’s title, which gets a hype video. They make their picks. We’re reminded about the Alexa Bliss special airing after the PPV, and it’s Stomping Time!

Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young are calling the first match, which is that Raw Women’s title match. Cole mentions what a big night it is for Becky Lynch and her boyfriend Seth Rollins.

Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans for the Raw Women’s Championship

The champ is in her Kill Bill black-and-yellow, Evans enters in a carnival-esque get-up, complete with Toni Storm-like little hat.

Lock-up to start, then it’s all Bex. She beats her into the ropes, then follows to inflict some punishment on the floor. Lacey tries for a boot, but The Man catches it, spins her around and whips her to the floor. A springboard back kick is botched, then they re-do it anyway. The challenger finally gets some offense after countering and kicking the champ into the announce desk. Neckmare takedown, Evans keeps the hold and gator rolls to the edge, then drags Lynch to the ring post and stretches her around it, yanking her head back several times. Cover gets two, then more work targeting the champ’s midsection. Kicks and punches to the Becky’s left side, in and out of holds. Lynch punches her way out and goes for a quick cover. Lacey powers her down with a shoulder block, but the champ somehow bridges out of that. Another springboard kick, then The Man floats over into a Dis-Arm-Her. Evans escapes after first stacking Becky up for two, then getting to the ropes. She gets her handstand bronco buster in the corner, then Lacey does the dabbing her pits with the hankie gimmick. Lynch takes it after it’s thrown at her, then powers back to stick it in Evans mouth. Bexploder gets two. This match is going longer than it should. Lacey has one more flurry in her and gets a nearfall she argues about. But that’s just the opening Becky needs to get her submission finisher again, and The Lady taps quickly this time.

Becky Lynch submits Lacey Evans with Dis-Arm-Her

The Man celebrates with her belt in the ring as Lacey scowls her way up the ramp.

Ali gets a video, where his light is the difference between a woman drinking, some guy standing up to bullies, a woman escaping a stalker, and more evidence of the difference his light can make.

Kayla Braxton catches up with Paul Heyman as he’s leaving Baron Corbin’s dressing room. Heyman asks if WWE champ Kofi Kingston and Universal champ Seth Rollins are here, and since they are, there’s a reason for his client and his Money in the Bank briefcase to be here.

Corbin leaves, and tells Kayla if she keeps hanging around outside his locker room, he’s gonna think she’s there for something other than asking questions. He’s not worried about Brock, he’s worried about finding someone who will call his match with Seth right down the middle. Then he’ll worry about Lesnar.

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs. The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods)

Big E taken off the apron at the bell, and KO has multiple suckerkicks for X right away. A top rope senton gets two. Owens taunts E until he tries to come in, distracting referee Charles Robinson. Another senton, but Woods won’t stay down. Sami in for the beatdown, but when Robinson pulls him off, KO with the cheap shot. Xavier tries to fight back, and lands some chops, but Zayn takes him down into a crossface. Woods makes the ropes, but Sami blasts E off the apron. Owens back in, but misses a senton. Sitout powerbomb to KO, and E comes in hot! Sami gets flattened, Owens is blasted when he tries to get back in, E runs the ropes and splashes Zayn. One - two - no! Into the corner, Sami punches down from the top before E can climb. Tornado DDT attempt is countered in to a throw, uranage from E gets two. X in, lifts E on his shoulders for a splash. Leg drop follow up, but Owens breaks up the subsequent pin. The New Day set-up for Midnight Hour, but Sami slips free and hits E with a kick. Yakuza Kick in the corner, Owens in for a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but E breaks up the pin! Big lariat on Sami, but E turns into a superkick from KO. E misses a stunner, then X misses a rolling elbow. E spears Sami off the apron and X climbs, but he’s too tired and gets caught. Owens crotches him, then pulls him in to a Stunner for the win.

Kevin Owens pins Xavier Woods after a Stunner

Alexa Bliss is stretching backstage when Nikki Cross come in for a hug. Bliss thanks her for her support, it means a lot to her. Nikki says she’s got her, and most people don’t know Bayley like they do. Alexa knows Cross really wanted them to be tag champs, and she still feels bad Bayley screwed Nikki out of her first WWE title. Cross says she knows how much the Women’s title means, and she can’t wait to be there as Alexa wins it tonight.

Ricochet vs. Samoa Joe for the United States title

Joe toys with the challenger at the bell, slapping and sucker punching Ricochet. Ric figures it out, and dodges the second round of the same. Joe roll out, and sidesteps a slide. He grabs and drives Ricochet back first into the apron. Back in, Ric pops over a charge, but ends up running into a uranage himself. The One And Only fights back, but gets put down with a back elbow, and turned inside out with a lariat. Joe whips Ric into the corner, follow-up enziguri gets two. Rest hold, but Ric fights to his feet and drops to jaw-jack Joe. Ricochet loses and exchange of forearms, then a powerbomb gets two for the champ. Neck crank that eats a few minutes, but when he gets separation this time with a knee to the ear, a pair of enziguris from Ricochet changes the story. Speed and agility keep the challenger in control, and a corkscrew tope, sets up a drop kick, then a springboard moonsault for two!

Ricochet up top, but Joe recovers. He brings the challenger down, scoop slam from the champ gets two. Both men slow to get up, Joe catches a springboard maneuver, turning it into a German, then another big lariat, but Ric won’t stay down! The One And Only fights out of a Coquina Cluch and sets up for a 450, but Joe rolls away. Ric puts him down after another exchange, then climbs to hit the 630.

Ricochet pins Samoa Joe after a 630 Splash

Seth Rollins, Triple H and Charlotte are among the folks who greet Ricochet backstage after his first main roster title win.

Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker) vs. Daniel Bryan & Rowan for the SmackDown Tag Team championship

The Washington crowd is very pro-DB as he starts with Otis. The champ swoops in for leg kicks, then backs away before the wider man can grab him. Eventually Otis grabs him and throws Bryan down to pose. He gets DB in a delayed vertical, tags and then Tucker finishes the suplex. He works a side headlock and remains in control until Rowan gets in and wins a battle of the big men. The champs demonstrate some teamwork and the story is they’re working over Tuckey’s knee. He finally gets a foot up on a charge, then falls under a charge that sends Rowan shoulder first into the post. Both men get tags, and Otis bowls over Bryan repeatedly as the crowd boos. He spins Bryan and slams him, but drop toe hold from Bryan on a charge. Two running kicks in the corner, but Otis meets the third and catches him for a powerbomb and a two count. Vader Bomb attempt is avoided. DB up for the YES Kicks, but Otis gyrates his way to his feet, then grabs and suplexes Bryan, setting up for the Caterpillar. Tucker in for their catapult finisher, but Rowan says the titles when he breaks up the pin. Big Flannel dumps Otis. Bryan with kicks to the bad knee, Tucky answers with punches. He misses a splash, and we get another pair of tags. Otis and Rowan stare each other down, then take turns trying to clothesline each other. Neither man goes down, Bryan with the blind tag. Otis scoops and slams Rowan, Tucker in for the compactor, but they don’t know he’s not legal. Bryan dumps Tucker, running knee on Otis and then a dive onto Tucker. Tucker dives on Rowan, Otis grabs Bryan, but gets rolled up.

Daniel Bryan pins Otis with a roll-up

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss for the SmackDown Women’s title

Nikki Cross accompanies the challenger, who’s out first. Mixed reactions for both women. The champ walks right over to Bliss who turns it around and corners Bayley, but Bayley scoops up Alexa and carries her to another corner as neither can get a sustained advantage... until Bliss gets a foot up to stop Bayley from slamming her head into a turnbuckle, and drops Bayley to send her hard into one instead. Quick two count follows, and Alexa grabs a headlock from behind. She maintains control through several comebacks from the champ, one of which ends with a backbreaker. The Goddess stands on Bayley’s back and stomps the Hugster’s head into the ground, but a follow-up pin only gets two. Punches to the mid-section from Bayley and then a crossbody gets two, but Alexa is right back on the attack. Hard whip into the corner, followed by a wet slap to the face. That fires up the champ, who charges out of the corner with a clothesline, then a drop elbow, but a third charge is answered with a right cross. Bayley back with a snap off the apron, but when Alexa rolls out, the champ stared down Cross before going for her cross-corner dive. Alexa avoids and pulls her shoulder into the ring post. She goes to work on the right shoulder. Champ punches her way out, they both evade several attempts at big move, then Bayley gets two off a suplex. Bayley sunset flips Alexa headfirst into the second turnbuckle. Nikki checks on her on the outside. Bayley dives at them, and Alexa bails so Cross eats it. In the aftermath, Bliss returns the sunset flip bomb on the floor. She gets the champ in the ring and climbs for Twisted Bliss. Cross runs in and tries to grab Alexa, but the referee grabs her. Bliss goes for her finisher, but Bayley got her knees up. The champ grabs the challenger and gets the pin.

Bayley pins Alexa Bliss after a Bayley To Belly

Nikki Cross in to check on Alexa, and Bayley grabs her and they exchange words before the champ leaves with her belt and Nikki consoles Bliss.

After hype for Wednesday’s Steel Cage NXT Women’s title match between Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai, Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton catch us up on the exciting past week with the 24/7 title.

Then we head to Ricochet’s United States championship photo shoot. The Good Brothers walk up and pose with him. AJ Styles joins them, and says he’ll see the new champ tomorrow night on Raw.

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

Shane McMahon gets a full entrance before Drew. Before the bell, McIntyre charges Roman on the ramp. After the bell, Reigns quickly takes charge, mounting Drew in the corner and raining down punches. He soars onto both men on the floor, then chases Shane through the crowd. Back over the barricade, he runs straight into the big Scot. Drew whips him into the steel stairs, then works him over in the corner back in the ring, and throws him off a whip for a cover. While the ref backs off McIntyre, McMahon works Roman over the bottom rope. Drew shoves the Big Dog’s face into the mat and generally inflicts maximum punishment on Reigns during these slow down spots. Roman reverses a suplex attempt, but Shane grabs him to rake the eyes, sending him right into a spinebuster which gets a two count. Another suplex, another nearfall from Drew, then back to an arm & neck crank. Romey fights back, but gets put down for a two count by a clothesline. McIntyre gets creative with some painful looking submissions, surfboard and STF variants... Shane continues to try and get the timekeeper to ring the bell as the ref tells him not to. Roman gets to his feet and lifts McIntyre for a Samoan Drop. Clubbing blows, boot to the face, cocks the fist, and gives Shane the Superman Punch! Off the apron, Roman slides out and gives him another one off the steel steps. Drew evades a Drive-By, then slingshots Reigns face-first onto the announce desk. Roman kicks out of the cover in the ring, then Drew sets him up for a superplex, but the Big Dog punches out. McIntyre sits up out of the tree of woe, they exchange head butts and punches, then Drew hits the superplex, one - two - no! Kip up from McIntyre, he calls for the Claymore, Romey sidesteps and backslide for two. Headbutt from Drew, he goes up top for a dive... right into a Superman Punch! McIntyre kicks out at two! Spear from Reigns looks to end it, but Shane pulls out the referee! Coast to Coast! Drew covers as McMahon retrieves the ref, one - two - no! Drew calls for the Claymore, but is caught with a Superman Punch. Shane charges in and gets thrown over the top. The Big Dog lines it up and...

Roman Reigns pins Drew McIntyre after a spear

Roman celebrates as Shane and Drew look stunned. We’re reminded that Alexa Bliss’ 365 special is after the PPV, and get a recap of Drew Gulak’s win on the pre-show.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Steel Cage match for the WWE championship

They circle, and try for kicks the other evades. They get in each other’s faces, then Dolph tries to climb. Kofi pulls him back in, and Ziggler with a superkick. He calls for the door and head to leave, and Kingston stacks him up for two. Kofi tries to climb, Dolph pulls him in. Back and forth until the challenger takes control by ducking under a charge and throwing Kingston into the steel. Ziggler grates his face on the cage, then flips him back into the middle. Dolph grinds him down, flinging him into the cage and trying for another cover. Kick out, then Ziggler back to the punishing Kofi on the mat. The champ with a jaw-jacking counter, then Kingston climbs the ropes and kicks Dolph in the face to get on offense. After landing a pair of kicks, Ziggler sidesteps a charge and throws Kofi into the cage again. He taunts the champ with slaps in the corner. That fires up the champ, who throws Dolph face first into several sides of the fence. Ziggler kicks a knee and goes for a Fame-asser, but Kofi counters to throw his opponent into a fence post. Kingston climbs, Dolph catches him, they battle on the top rope, taking turns smashing their rivals’ face into the steel. Ziggler ends up getting thrown to the mat, but Kingston crossbodies Dolph and covers for two. Kofi climbs again, and is caught again. This time he’s thrown down, and Ziggler managers to get a leg over the top, but Kingston catches him. Both Dolph’s legs are over while Kofi has him by the head. The announcers tease a title change if Ziggler falls. They get back to both straddling the top, where a head butt forces them both to fall all the way back to the mat. They trade punches in the middle of the ring. Kofi answers a headbutt with an SOS that gets two. He goes for Trouble In Paradise but comes up empty, and comes up a little lame, too. Dolph sees it and attacks the knee, locking on a knee bar. Kingston gets to the ropes, but it’s no good in a no DQ environment. He climbs the ropes and the cage, Dolph pulls him into a Superkick that sends Kofi crashing into the door and almost to the floor. Ziggler drags him back in with the knee bar, but the champ won’t yield. He flips over to get free, but he tries for TiP again and can’t connect due to the injury. Dolph puts an ankle lock on his bad leg. Kingston tries to reverse, but it just sets him up for a Zig-Zag that gets a great nearfall. He lines him up for a superkick, but Kofi was ready and caught the leg, transitioning to grab the ankle and then get a front face lock. Dolph tries to shimmy out the door from within the hold, but Kingston pulls him back in. Ziggler goes for the door, but Kofi grabs him. Dolph puts his fingers in the champ’s eyes and kicks him across the ring. He starts to crawl to the door again, but Kofi jumps clear over him, headfirst out the door.

Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler by escaping the cage first

Big E & Xavier Woods are out to celebrate with their brother while Dolph stares into the abyss. Charley Caruso rolls up on the New Day at the top of the ramp. Kofi Kingston puts over Dolph Ziggler as a great competitor, but he did what he said he’d do and stayed WWE champion.... BAY-BEE!

Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon are angrily walking backstage when Kayla Braxton stops them to ask what they’ll do now when after all the talk, Drew came up short against Roman Reigns. Shane McMahon says tomorrow night we’ll see how bad Roman really is, because he’ll face both of them in a two-on-one handicap match (isn’t that what he’s been doing?).

Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin for the Universal title

Seth chases Baron away from the mic with his chair and grabs the mic to say it doesn’t matter who his referee pick is, they’re getting the same thing everyone else has. Corbin gets the mic back and introduces his pick, Lacey Evans!

Seth gets in the Lady’s face but doesn’t swing on her. The momentary pause allows Corbin to grab the chair and land several shots across the champ’s back. Evans finally takes the chair and calls for the bell. Baron starts throwing Seth around the ring area, whipping him into the barricades and ring post. Lacey never starts a count. He slowly inflicts punishment while his referee allows it all. Seth finally gets separation after several minutes of one-sided attack, putting Corbin down with an enziguri and lighting the challenger up with chops. Blockbuster off the second rope, followed up with a clothesline over the top. Dive, back in for a superkick, but Lacey with a ridiculously slow count on the cover. Rollins realizes what he’s up against, but gets back to work. A battle at the ropes ends when Seth goes to springboard in and is met with a right cross, but the champ comes back quickly, snapping corbin off the ropes then carrying him over to powerbomb him on the announce desk. Rollins tells Evans to count, which she slowly does, pausing to fix her stockings between seven and eight. At that point she changes the stipulation to no countouts.

Seth presses at that point, delivering a ton of offense and then sending Corbin to the outside. The challenger eventually catches a dive and slams Rollins on the apron, then rolls him in for a chokeslam that can only get two. Baron talks trash and tells everyone to get ready then grabs Seth’s legs. Rollins fights out, and eventually puts Corbin down so he can hit the superfly splash. Evans counts, but stops after two due to shoulder soreness from the Dis-Arm-Her she tapped out to early. More offense from Seth sends them both to the outside, where Corbin surreptitiously grabs a chair. He hits Rollins with it on the outside, then brings the chair in the ring and lights Seth up with it while Evans files her nails. When she looks up, she calls for Mike Rome again and makes the match no DQ.

Fighting back again, Rollins hits the Falcon Arrow on a chair, but Lacey won’t count. Seth gets in her face about it, and Lacey slaps him. He turns and laughs, so she does it again. then kicks him in the... let’s just say gut. Corbin is up and faces Seth, at which point Evans low blows the champ and her comes The Man! She brawls with Lacey, taking her out. John Cone runs in to take over, and once things are fair-ish, it’s not long before it’s over.

Seth Rollins pins Baron Corbin after a Curb Stomp

Rollins looks at The Man with loving admiration, and the two champs celebrate together to close the show.

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