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WWE needs to greenlight Cathy Kelley’s Robert Roode mustache documentary

Asked by Sam Roberts what excites her about the current WWE product, the company’s top interviewer/online content queen Cathy Kelley answered the same way a lot of fans would:

“Honestly, so much of my favorite stuff happens in NXT.”

Before that though, she did reveal one thing that really intrigues her - and an expose about it that she’d like to do for the company. It’s something that really intrigues me, too. And based on her pitch, I’ll be doing everything possible to make it happen (which probably is limited to writing this post, but whatevs).

Here it is, as part of an answer to the “what do you like right now in WWE” question:

Kelley: Bobby Roode’s mustache. Robert Roode, excuse me... I would love to do like a Dateline episode behind why he has the mustache now...

Roberts: Are you thinking like you’d frame this where we’d interview Robert Roode but we’d just frame the mustache?

Kelley: Um, no, I would think we’d like ask him - we would do a sit-down interview with him, very stylized, the lighting - very moody. Maybe get a couple very slo-mo, black-and-white shots of Maestro’s [a line of beard grooming products] backstage, and then do a list of the best mustaches we’ve seen in WWE

Roberts: But you’d stick strictly to mustache talk.

Kelley: Yeah.

Roberts: I think that’s what the people would want.”

I don’t often find myself agreeing with Sam, but in this case, I’m 100% with him. The people - by whom I mean me - want the mustache talk.

Make it happen, WWE.

Watch Sam and Cathy’s entire chat here.

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