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Alexa Bliss was ‘very worried’ she’d never wrestle again due to concussions

Our post on the interview Alexa Bliss did with TV Insider focused on the always hot topic of heat between Bliss and Sasha Banks. But in her chat with Scott Fishman, Alexa also mentioned “brain exercises” she does now after a pair of concussions and related symptoms kept her out of the ring for the latter part of 2018 and much of 2019 to date.

In another interview with The New York Post which came out yesterday, she went into a little more detail about dealing with those injuries. And it sounds like rumors her career was in jeopardy were closer to the truth than Bliss wanted to publicly admit at the time:

“I think after the second concussion I was very worried about not being able to get back in the ring, especially because I didn’t know what was going on with my brain. There’s so many different types of concussions and I didn’t know that at the time. Each one had to be treated differently and the fact that I didn’t know what was going on with my brain and didn’t know until I saw the concussion specialist, it made me very scared.”

That concussion specialist was Pittsburgh’s Dr. Michael Collins. Collins not only gave Alexa knowledge about what was going on with her brain, but gave her the exercises she believes will help prevent more concussions:

“The stuff that he [Dr. Collins] taught me about concussions and injury has been so mind opening and mind blowing, actually. It made me feel like for the first time that I actually was in control of my own injury and actually well aware of what was going on in my brain and it made me feel so much better about returning to the ring because concussions are a scary thing.

But the way they explained it, it made it seem tolerable and the fact that you could make a full recovery, and them being certain of that, just made me feel that much better.”

The Goddess has been back in action for a couple months now, but her SmackDown Women’s title match against Bayley tomorrow (June 23) at Stomping Grounds will be her first pay-per-view (PPV) singles match since Hell in a Cell last September. Which means it’ll be the first time we’re seeing her work more than about five minutes in the ring.

It seems like the Alexa, WWE and the doctors have taken their time and done everything possible to prepare her for a safe performance. Hopefully everything goes well.

After Stomping Grounds, WWE Network premieres a new edition of their 365 documentary series focused on the last year of Bliss’ life. That will likely tell us more about her injuries, treatment, and other things, too.

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