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Noam Dar’s beautiful, heartbreaking tribute to his ‘big brother’ Lionheart

We shared several remembrances of British indie wrestling star Adrain “Lionheat” McCallum after his death on Weds., June 19. Since then, some guy Lionheart looked up to named Dwayne Johnson chimed in, and the fundraiser to pay for McCallum’s funeral brought in more than double it’s goal.

It took a little longer, for completely understandable reasons he explains in his social media posts, but the veteran of the UK scene who probably knew Lionheart best has shared his thoughts about the passing of his “big brother”.

Here’s WWE Superstar Noam Dar’s tribute:

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Like many of us I still cant process or accept the loss of Adrian Lionheart McCallum. I’m dealing with this very badly & perhaps won’t express what I want to say as well as I could if I gave it more time but seeing friends family & fans alike share their stories & feelings has been so therapeutic that i know I have a responsibility to contribute. Adrian was my big brother. Since I was 16 we spent practically every day together training in the gym & travelling the UK for shows spending countless hours discussing life, still game, wrestling, still game, movies, memories, women, still game, aspirations, inspirations, hope, fears, still game, talking absolute pish having a laugh & some more still game. He was my best friend & biggest supporter. No one knew me as well or truly nor had a bigger influence on so many pivotal life decisions & personal developments. Adrian was an unwavering & loyal constant in my life who helped me endlessly regardless of the situation he would always be there without question to provide guidance assurance love protection counsel & to be the stern voice of reason whenever I was being irrational childish temperamental or generally just a wee prick which you may be very shocked & surprised to learn was more often than not through my adolescence & young adulthood. Adrian believed in me fiercely when others didn’t or I didn’t believe in myself. From professional issues all the way to repairing a then broken relationship with my mum he was the strongest & most reliable rock in my life for 10+ years (not the actual rock which he liked to believe he was from time to time) I wish I wasn’t on the other side of the world when this happened I wish I could have been there when he needed me I wish I could here his big daft voice I wish he knew how much he truly meant to everyone This is the worst pain I have ever felt & I know im not the only one that feels this Adrian was so important to so many people. He loved his friends & family deeply & took joy from seeing those he cared about do well & be happy & this has left a giant Mad Leon sized hole in the hearts of so many. Adrian is the gold standard of a brother & friend I love you Believe x

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