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Stephanie McMahon answers a question about AEW

Truth in advertising.

Stephanie slap

Proving the wrestling media can do what TMZ does, caught up with WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon as she was leaving the airport. While she was headed to her ride and meeting a few fans & autograph seekers, their interviewer peppered her with a mix of flattering, softball and gotcha questions. McMahon handled them all like a pro, of course, including the one about All Elite Wrestling.

Tony Khan’s start-up isn’t a threat to WWE’s dominance of the pro wrestling world (at least not yet), or their efforts to solidify the company as a mainstream entertainment option for customers & investors. But with the Khan family’s billions and a weekly spot on a big cable TV channel like TNT, AEW has people throwing the word “competition” at WWE for the first time in a long time. So getting Steph on record about All Elite is newsworthy, even if it’s a quick, cliche quote.

Which it was:

“You know, I think it’s going to force everybody to be the best that they can.”

She also throws a “yeah” back at the interviewer when he follows up with, “so it’s fun, it puts you guys on your game, it’s good for sports entertainment per se”.

And that’s it.

She also talks about having a WWE case study being part of Harvard’s curriculum (she’s excited), if Ronda Rousey is coming back (ask her), what her involvement is with the XFL (none), and if she has vintage wrestling tees (not really).

Read into any or all of that as you will.

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