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More from Nikki Bella on her brain cyst, which is thankfully benign

Nikki Bella confirming her retirement on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Weds., June 19 raised some questions. Mentioning in passing that doctors won’t clear you to wrestle because they discovered a cyst on your brain will do that.

TMZ was among those wanting answers, and they’re not too proud to go the airport drop off area to get them. And fortunately, the answer they got from the Fearless One sounds about as good as any quote with the phrase “brain cyst” in it can:

“...they found a cyst in my brain which thank God it’s benign...

It’s super scary, of course. It’s just something you’re never gonna hear. But I’m so grateful. I’m grateful for my health, I’m grateful that it’s benign. It’s something you have to watch out for for the rest of your life, because you never know how it can change. I’m definitely grateful because I know people go through it worse. But it was definitely really scary and it also sucks at the same time because it just keeps me out of the ring. Go to your doctors, get checked up, get your blood taken. I know it can be scary but you need to know what’s wrong with you. And trust your gut. If you don’t feel right, go get it handled.”

Between this and the news that Total Bellas has been renewed for a fifth season, we can definitely close the book on wrestling... right, Nikki?

“Hey I believe in miracles! So you never know.”

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