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CM Punk invites fans to ‘intelligent discourse’ about watching wrestling

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CM Punk has made it pretty clear, on multiple occasions, that he has no plans to again work or perform as a pro wrestler/sports entertainer. Still whenever he tries to promote his current work as a MMA announcer, actor and pop culture talking head, or just wants to be a fan of his beloved Chicago sports teams on Twitter, people ask him about wrestling.

It’s probably pretty frustrating. Which is something Punk expressed in this tweet while inviting some discussion of the business/form on his terms:

It’s pretty clear where this is going to go. The assumptions behind the question that everyone tweeting him is unhappy watching wrestling yet is unable to stop, and that they dislike all shows & companies, aren’t really a good first step to “intelligent discourse”. Punk’s also presented his solution, which sets up an argument with anyone who has a different answer.

And it went about as well as you’d think:

You get the idea. This one popped me all around though:

So, yeah. Punk probably didn’t help anyone who hates watching Raw to stop, and he definitely didn’t succeed in getting people to stop tweeting him about wrestling:

But he did get some more attention, so there’s that.

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