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Kevin Owens has noticed the same thing you have about the Wild Card Rule

As introduced, WWE’s Wild Card Rule is supposed to allow four Superstars from SmackDown to appear on Raw each week, and vice versa. The who, how and why of this was always vague - probably by design (personally, I think WWE again plans to confuse into accepting that they’ll do whatever they want). And it’s only gotten vaguer as the weeks go by, with the four person limit seemingly out the window, and Superstars being Wild Card-ed against their will.

Rumors are the whole concept isn’t wildly popular backstage. And while Kevin Owens doesn’t confirm that in his interview with Brian Fitz of The Sporting News, he diplomatically points out that fans aren’t the only ones who notice the chaos (emphasis mine):

“I guess the whole point of the wild-card rule is to add a sense of unpredictability to all the shows and I guess it definitely has achieved that because you never know who is going to show up where. The wild-card rule itself was very loosely defined when it was first announced and it’s been loosely enforced since it’s been announced (laughs). I guess it was supposed to be four guys at first and now, really, 10 guys show up one night, three guys show up the next night, whatever. But like I said, I think the whole point is to give a more unpredictable feel to the show itself and its definitely achieved that.”

Not sure I agree about the unpredictability, as we can often guess who most of the crossover talent will be week-to-week. For example, KO has been Wild Card-ed around quite a bit himself lately. But he says he doesn’t mind having to be prepared for both shows:

“It’s just kind of what you have to do because and, to be fair, I would prefer being on Raw and SmackDown both just because if I’m not on Raw that week, I’m on the road and not working. Any day I’m away from home, I’d rather be working because spending time away from my family to do nothing is not something that jives well with me. I certainly prefer being on both Raw and SmackDown both of the same week as opposed to having the night off on Monday.”

That’s the bright side for Owens. Talent who can’t get on screen either night might feel differently.

Check out KO’s entire talk with Fitz at The Sporting News’ site here.

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