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Find something that makes you as happy as the 24/7 title makes Drake Maverick

After chased it for weeks, on Tuesday night he finally caught it. And holding the 24/7 championship makes Drake Maverick very happy.

It made him abandon the SUV he stole borrowed!

He can’t help but share his joy with everyone he meets!

Even alone, he can’t help but smile!

But now it’s back to reality, and remaining constantly vigilant about potential challengers. It drove R-Truth to live in a shipping crate for the better part of a week. But Drake doesn’t have that luxury. He’s getting hitched this weekend. And before we even get to the already-frequently-fantasy booked scenario whereby Truth crashes his nuptials, Maverick has a couple possible contenders right there in his wedding party!

The saga of the 7-11 European Television title continues...

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