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Adam Cole doesn’t see a move to Raw or SmackDown as an upgrade over NXT

Here’s an interesting quote from Adam Cole when asked by talkSPORT if there is any trepidation in the NXT locker room with moving up to the main roster:

“It’s tough to word it. I believe and I know a lot of the guys there in NXT do to, we absolutely love it. We’re not thinking ‘gosh, I can’t wait to get to the main roster’. We’re enjoying what we are doing, the stories we are telling. But, of course, a lot of us eventually as well want to take the step to Raw or SmackDown, but the big thing is I don’t look at it as you’re moving up or you’re upgrading, it’s just another brand you’re going to. That’s how strongly me, Johnny [Gargano], Ciampa and everyone else feels about NXT.

“A lot of our guys, and don’t get me wrong, you could put them on any brand and they’d be successful, but NXT fans are definitely – they’re starting to morph and become one – but they are a little different than the Raw and SmackDown fans. Some characters or guys may work better on other brands.”

Politically speaking, that’s a tough question. Cole, who is NXT champion, has to put over the brand he’s on while not putting down the brands he may be going to. That makes it difficult to answer questions like this from media, valid as they may be.

Having said that, it is an upgrade, and absolutely should be the goal. You aren’t going to main event WrestleMania as NXT champion, no matter how prestigious you want to make that title/brand.

Then again, give me TakeOver over WrestleMania any day.

Either way, Cole deserves to be lauded for giving such a good answer to a tough question.

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