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WWE came up empty at MTV Movie Awards, but looked good doing it

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WWE’s neverending push for mainstream acceptance garnered the company a couple of nods in this year’s MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Ronda Rousey’s WrestleMania 35 main event match was nominated for “Best Fight”, and Roman Reigns was up for “Best Real-Life Hero”.

Unfortunately, neither left the ceremony with one of those little popcorn trophy gimmicks.

The women’s Triple Threat, which faced stiff competition from not-live, CGI-ed fight scenes and a Supreme Court Justice’s lifelong battle for fairness, lost out to one of Brie Larson’s brawls in Captain Marvel (a pretty big upset over a hammer-wielding Captain America and a dragonglass dagger-wielding Arya Stark, in this writer’s humble opinion). The Big Dog could not overcome that aforementioned Supreme Court Justice, and took a ‘L’ from Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Fortunately for WWE, Dwayne Johnson got the “Generations Award”, which is MTV’s way of acknowledging someone’s entire career. And that career includes being The Rock on Raw and SmackDown, so...

Plus, as you can see in the header image and this photo gallery on, the company was well-represented by both one of its nominees and several other very good-looking members of its roster.

Maybe next year.

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