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Drew McIntyre violently attacks Heath Slater, ends 3MB reunion talk

This was a small but very good segment from WWE this week on Raw.

During a pretty lame private party held by Shane McMahon for Drew McIntyre and The Revival, Heath Slater randomly showed up out of nowhere. Slater did have a reason for crashing McMahon’s party, it was because he wanted to request a raise.

Due to having kids, Slater humbly asked McMahon for a pay raise and was flat out rejected. After Slater left the room with his tail between his legs, McMahon sent McIntyre out of the room to handle ‘it’.

For a few fleeting seconds it felt like McIntyre had some sympathy for his former 3MB stablemate, who was on the phone with his wife when The Scottish Psychopath approached him. McIntyre went to hand Slater some cash but it was accidentally dropped to the floor.

Then McIntyre viciously attacked Slater and repeatedly slammed his head against a metal crate.

Maybe this leads to something, maybe it leads to nothing, but it was cool to see Slater and McIntyre interact for a brief segment.

Is this just a one off, or does WWE have bigger plans for Heath Slater?

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