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Daniel Bryan is coming to Raw next week, but apparently not by choice

It’s been weeks now, and I still don’t understand the Wild Card rule.

Case in point, Daniel Bryan coming to Monday Night Raw next week in Los Angeles. WWE announced as much on its website today, and revealed that he has been chosen as one of the four Wild Cards:

SmackDown Tag Team Champion and “Planet’s Champion” Daniel Bryan has been chosen to be one of the four Wild Card Superstars to appear on Raw this coming Monday in Los Angeles.

The former SmackDown General Manager has long been loyal to the blue brand, and since this Wild Card appearance is not by choice, one can only wonder what Bryan will have to say to the “fickle” WWE Universe on Raw.

Who selected him? Why did they select him? Why is it not a choice? How does any of this work?

The easy answer here is that WWE cares little for telling stories that make sense. Daniel Bryan is great, so I suppose we should simply ignore the confusion and rejoice at the fact that we’ll get more of him on television this week.

Here’s to hoping Big Flannel shows up with him.

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