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Some very cool news from Mick Foley

As with the world at large these days, it feels like the conversation around pro wrestling is really negative. Wrestlers argue with fans, who are always arguing with each other. Opining about WWE’s main roster issues is taken as an invitation to debate - and not always the civilized kind. Things like the success of a new company like All Elite Wrestling serve as a reason for a lot of folks to pick a side on an imagined battleground.

Hell, even this bit of news wouldn’t be necessary without something really, really terrible happening. But it is a sign a lot of us can pull together to help someone we’ve never met. Even if things didn’t seem hostile, I’m always grateful for examples of that.

Last month, former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro died. The reported cause of Massaro’s death, and her history with WWE in the years in between leaving the company and her death, are tragic. But that all paled next to the loss felt by Massaro’s daughter, Lexi.

A group of women who shared the ring with Massaro banded together to raise money to lessen the blow for Lexi in at least one way - by raising $100,000 to ensure she could complete her post-secondary education. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley joined the “Squared Circle Sisters” group’s efforts, selling t-shirts and even offering to watch wrestling with fans who made big donations.

All of their work paid off, and yesterday (June 13), Mick announced they’d hit their goal:

To steal a line from Carlito, now that’s cool. Great job from Squared Circle Sisters like Lillian Garcia, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson & others, from Mick, and from everyone who did what they could - whether it was sending money or just a good thought.

Now, what do y’all think about Shane McMahon’s booking?

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