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Triple H sends replica WWE titles to somewhere other than Boston for a change

Just kidding ya, beaneaters! It only seems like the last 10 - 15 of these WWE has cranked out went to Massachusetts. But this one almost did, until St. Louis won game seven of the Stanley Cup finals on Wednesday night (June 12) and kept the Boston Bruins from making it three in a row among the major U.S. sports leagues...

And the Celtics haven’t been in the running for this one since they got beat a few weeks back by the team the new champs beat in the Eastern Conference finals. But until about a week ago, WWE probably thought they could get away with using the same sideplates they’ve mailed to the NBA champs for the past two years. But the Toronto Raptors ended the Golden State Warriors quest for a three-peat last night (June 13), so this bad boy is going north...

Congratulations to the Blues, Raptors and all their fans.

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