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Seth Rollins is already eyeing all the WWE vs. NXT dream matches fans want to see

One of us.

Seth Rollins is out here fantasy booking and we like where this is headed.

For all of the company’s current warts on the creative side, at the end of the day, WWE still has the most stacked roster in pro wrestling. Including NXT into the mix, only adds to WWE’s embarrassment of riches.

Maybe this is why it’s so mind numbing to fans that the product WWE trots out on Monday and Tuesday nights, doesn’t always line up with what the promotion is working with on paper.

Speaking with Middle East publication The National, Rollins was asked about future matches with the current NXT roster.

“Adam Cole is someone I have never been in the ring. Gargano would almost be an AJ Styles situation again. We wrestled a decade ago and haven’t touched each other since. You have got Velveteen Dream who is always intriguing and Matt Riddle would also be an intriguing match-up. Or an old foe like a Roderick Strong or a Kassius Ono. There is a ton of talent down in NXT just waiting to strike so there are tons of match-ups that I would be looking forward to if the opportunity came about.”

Give Rollins the book.

Out of the six current NXT opponent Seth Rollins listed, which match-up would make for the best feud and which potential match is most likely to ever occur on the main roster?

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