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Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows hype up Triple H joining The Club

If only WWE had enough TV time to showcase the talent of their stacked roster.

Maybe because it’s been their only promo in months, but Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows just cut their best promo in months. A reunion of Anderson, Gallows, and AJ Styles has always been a big selling point for WWE’s 2019 Japan Tour at the end of the month.

To add more sizzle to The Club getting back together for one night at Tokyo’s Ryōgoku Sumo Hall, Triple H was announced as part of the tag team main event earlier in the week.

As they do, Gallows and Anderson cut a Too Sweet promo hyping up Triple H fighting on the same side as The Club in a couple of weeks.

With rumors of The Good Brothers leaving WWE later in the year, once their contract runs out, it would be nice if the duo could do a little more than the occasional house show.

If this is really it, how would you grade the WWE run of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows?

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